Best cd writer software



Which one?


You can try to used Ahead Nero
or the Padus DiscJuggler to duplicate cd-rom


use cdr win 3.7e it the dogs nut’s and it’s great for psx games.



But shadowman where should i get these programs?


Click on your left on the banner from and here we are a site with full software, you only must download that what you want and my prefix is nero, blindread, cdr-win.
So go downloading right now and find out yourself …

The one and only Mattel007


cdr wins the best
version 3.7c scz
or version 3.7e ide


I always use Nero an CDRWIN. When it fails with cdrwin i use Nero.


Has any got a ver of CDRWin or Nero to work with a Yahama 4416s? and can I get a zip copy? for psx Thanks.