Best CD Writer in a DVD Writer?

I’m about ready to take the plunge for a DVD writer, but am wondering which DVD writer has the best CDR writing capabilites. My current setup consists of an Lite-On LTD163 and Lite-On LTR52246S and would like to keep the LTD 163 in, as I like the fast speed and virtually error free extraction and replace the LTR52246S.
I will continue to do a lot of audio burning (probably more than DVD) so the CD writing capabilites is very important.
I usually only write CDs at 24-32x so speed isn’t as big an issue as reliabilty and accuracy with the CD writer.
Or do I have this backwards, and should replace the DVD ROM drive and leave in the CD writer?:confused:
Any and all thoughts are welcome.

Go for the Liteon 411S.

Sell your 163 and 52246S and buy a combo and a DVD writer. The 411s is not a good choice to CD-R/RW.

yet another option would be to do what i did and buy a pci ide controller card and move ur hard drive(s) to that. u can then run up to four optical drives on the motherboard’s controllers and u won’t have to get rid of any existing drives.

Can you please explain why you think 411 is not good for CD writing?

Currently best all around CD/DVD writer is 411. I have one myself and so far no problems. But many people don’t have a good opinion about it. Let’s see what others suggest.

Thanks for the replies. Some interesting ideas that I hadn’t considered.
If there is a faster drive for extraction with EAC than the LTD163 I’d like toknow about it, but that’s the reason for wanting to keep it. I can burn upwards of 50 audio disks a week, and it worth it for me if I can save an hour or two on extraction .
The PCI controller card is an interesting idea, I think I have an extra bay and PCI slot, and if I went that route, I guess the Pioneer AO6 would be the the logical choice from what I have read.
But I too would like to know why the 411 wouldn’t be a good choice for CDR burning. The review of the 401 at CDRLabs gave it a good score and I would presume the 411 CD burner would be the same.
If there are any other thoughts, I love to hear them.

i’ve seen that dvd burners in general don’t burn cds with as high quality as normal cd burners, but i don’t know if that’s the case with the 411S, so i have no opinion on its write quality. however, the 52246S has a reputation for producing high quality burns, so if write quality is ur main concern, using the 52246S to burn cds would be a good idea.