Best CD Writer available? Best for value and not too expensive



AS above, in your own opinions, whats the best CD Writer out and why? UK prices only (if known)



Depends on the purposes the writer has to serve…

More info please :wink:


Lite-On is the best hands down. Low prices too!


I say the LiteON 52246S is the best value for money.

Here is the review (note the pics are offline):


LiteON 48246S, because some mouse clicks and it’s a 52246S! :slight_smile:


So the Lite-On 52246S? And this writer backs-up all if not most games/audio cds etc.



With the help of some software, yes. But that’s a given for a lot of writers too, though some rely more on software than hardware. Lite-On’s the real deal w/o breaking the bank. has it for $50 btw. Even cheaper @ during their crazy on sale periods.


Bit of a dumb question, but is 52246S the model?




Lite On 52x24x52 CDRW Model LTR-52246S OEM or Retail.

Some rebadged Lite-On CDRWs will have the original factory model sticker right on top of the drive.