Best CD writer and media for full face printable audio CD's

Were a record label and we send out promo CD’s, I want to ensure we are using the best media and can achieve the best look so we can boost our image a little.

The promo CD’s we send out get used in live mix sessions, a cained CDJ with a weak laser and slighty shitty media is a recipie for disaster and could be a massive embarisment for the DJ and possibly our label.

What I need is the best media that reads best under weak lasers, so I guess the most compatible would usually be a good indercation of this? Something that lasts going through the post and can easily read with a little scratching, a nice thick layer on top to protect the CD is essential. Another must is good quality print so I can make the CD’s look really pretty.

Then we get onto hardware, what is the best CD writer going nowadays, I’m assuming buying an outright CD writer as apposed to DVD writer would be better for burning CD’s? Money is not an object, most important factor is quality of product that were sending out :slight_smile:

boo, noone? ;(

Perhaps a Plextor PlexWriter Premium2 CD-RW burner with Taiyo Yuden Watershield CD-R media?

And perhaps using AMQR or GigaRec 0.8x recording, provided that you don’t put more than 68/64 minutes of Audio on the CD.

I don’t have this drive or this media myself, however.

Cheers, ive come to the conclusion that taiyo yuden watershield sounds the best, though I cant find where to buy a plextro plexwriter premium 2 anywhere!

Yeah, they only seem to be available in certain countries or something. Where are you located?

BTW, it might help other members if you keep your questions regarding the Plex Premium to this thread, or open a new thread in the Plextor sub-forum. :wink:

I’m located in the UK, seem to be able only to get the plextor dvd writers, though out of the dvd writers the liteon LH-18A1P seems to be the cdreaks number one choice, so im guessing plextor dvd writers are not as good as there cd writers?

Would the liteon be any good at writing cdr’s, are combo drives ever as good as cdrw drives?

I wouldn’t go for a LiteOn DVD burner for burning CDs, though they’re terrific DVD burners. Not sure about their CDRW drives, as I never owned one.

I will say personally though, my LG GCE-8520B CDRW is good at audio CD burning.

The BenQ 1650 is too (you can pick those up in PC World), as is the NEC ND-4551 DVD burner. :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve seen a Plex Premium here either, but then I haven’t looked very hard :wink:

The LiteOn LH-18A1P is a very new drive, so not many people have any experience with this drive yet, and many of those that do probably don’t use it much for burning CD-R media. It’s too soon to tell IMO.

My own LiteOn DVD burners (see sig) are not among my best drives for burning CD-R media, however.
My best drives for burning CD-R media would be the NEC ND-4551A, Plextor PX-712, or BenQ DW1655 depending on the CD-R media.

are combo drives ever as good as cdrw drives?
Some DVD burners are better than some CD-RW burners for burning CD-R media, and the selection of dedicated CD-RW burnes is getting very slim these days.

It also makes a world of difference which media you use and at which speed you burn your media.

Definitely. Some people (myself included) prefer burning at 16x for audio. And definitely use quality media. :slight_smile:

Cheers for all the feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve actually got an NEC DVD writer, its an NEC-3500 and its really crap at writing cd’s, when I do the P1/P2 (or is it c1/c2?) error check’s it comes quite high with any media, allbeit taiyo-yuden/fuji or verbatim. I think if I just stick to taiyo-yuden media I aint gonna go far wrong and seems the new water ones are the best for printing on, possibly spraying them after with a can of the spray to stop the print rubbing off?

All I need now is to decide on a writer for writing the CD’s as it is probalby the writer that is the spanner in teh works, do you know if the NEC I have is known for poor CD writing?

I’ve already gotten into the habbit of burning audio at 16x :slight_smile:

try DVD Santa

My NEC ND-3500 was pretty good at burning quality CD-R media, although it didn’t like to burn Taiyo Yuden CD-R media at maximum speed (and neither do my NEC 4551 and Optiarc 7173), but at 16x everything was fine with that drive.

It is now shelved because it developed a tendency to scratch or scuff discs. :frowning: