Best CD Scanner

Hey guys wats the best cd scanner, cause i do alot of ps2,pcgamez and dvdburning. Thanks.

The best scanner is A-Ray scanner. :iagree:

Protection ID is my 2nd choice.

Depending on your target market, forget CD protections and program an activation scheme into your software.

While there are some strong protections around, YOU CANNOT WRITE THEM.

For high volume, and where activation would be seen negatively, then you have to go with available (free) protections, but they will only be a minor deterrent., or for few, higher value, then go with a telephone or web-based activation scheme

what does that have to do with


btw: A-Ray Scanner is a great product :iagree:

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Wrong thread?

Btw, download A-Ray scanner here and Protection ID here.

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