Best CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive?

I’ve recently purchased a BenQ 1640 and it has problems reading some of my dvd’s to rip. So since that I’ve decided maybe i should just go for a dvd-rom/cd-rw drive. I currently have a 52x CD-RW Sony and was going to get rid of that and replace with the combo drive. Any suggestions on a really good dvd ripping/cd burner combo drive? thanks!

I think it might be better if you got a dvdrw. :wink:

i have a benq 1640, no need to have another burner.

First, BenQ has a very good reputation as a DVD reader so it is unlikely that any combo drive will be a better reader. The only drive I have seen that will read some discs better than BenQ would be the Liteon 16P9S, a ROM drive.