Best CD-RW drive

I currently own a Lite-On 24X10X40. Although I have not seen any problems with it I have seen post and reviews on some limitations like 99Min CD cant read and cactus shield cant read.
I have also heard that SD2 dont work well on Plextor.
Anyway I havent really done any burns that are protected or tested 99 min CD’s since I dont own any.
I want a CD-RW that will back up all my stuff now and likely in the future.
I was thinking of trading this one in before my 30 days is up.
I need some suggestions on what type of drive to get. Would like it to be 24X10X40 or faster.
Thanks for all your help.
OC-Freak I hope you can drop me some lines here!!! :slight_smile:
Should I just keep this drive or trade in for something found where I bought it? ( )

Well, then I’ll drop a few lines :stuck_out_tongue: thinking Hm, can’t really think of a “perfect” drive. But then I’ve not tested all drives availible either.

To me it seems like plextor is one of the best when it comes to protected music discs, they also have great support, but on the other side they have problems reading/writing 99min discs and those rumours about them not being able to handle new SD2…also very pricey.

Lite-on on the other hand is not the best choice when it comes to protected music discs(may be fixed with a new firmware version?), also the lite-on support is not the best(that’s why you have me ;)LOL), but they are good priced, full SD2 support so far, best media compatibility on the market?, supports writing 99min discs.

Well, you have many brands left like yamaha, philips/acer, LG…sony…hp…mitsumi…sanyo(sold as different brands) and a load that i forgot…maybe one of these brands is great for one task(like yamaha best at writing music discs), but I doubt that you’ll find a better all-rounder that does everything perfect.

I just got my new pc with a Plextor 24x. I updated the firmware to the newest version, 1.03, and it still can burn SD2, I burned Max Payne and Red Alert 2. I like it, the two most common choices from what I’ve seen are Plextor and Liteon, varying in read speed for different protections, thought Plextor is a lil faster n expensive. Check out for reviews n stuff, tho theres more if you just search for them on

I didn’t say that it couldn’t do sd2…I said that there was some reports about some people being unable to backup the new SD2 version…2.51.x.

Personally haven’t tested yet since I don’t have any of those games yet…

Alrite, I’m not sure what SD2 version Return to Wolfenstein is but I just burnt a working copy today with firmware 1.03.
There is one thing thought, it seems that Plextor, though it could include other CDRWs, has a problem with VIA chipset with its drivers, so I don’t know if you want the trouble. I get connections rated between PIO 4 and UDMA33, I’m trying to fix it right now with newer BIOS and drivers.

Return to castle wolfenstein is unprotected. Only protection is the serial which you need for online/multiplayer playing.

VIA ide drivers is crap :wink: with w2k SP2 there is no need for them anyway since SP2 adds UDMA100 support. That’s why I use w2k sp2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I use old sis chipset on my burning computer. I guess after hearing all this and reading a lot that I will keep my current drive but plan on getting a Plextor to test soon. (month or so)

I use Via in my gamer and havent had any problems. Ive heard a lot of complaints though CD-RW/Video/sound/network and even WindowsXP related.

Im not sure if this only applys to newer chipsets.

Oh yeah USB seems to be a big problem with them for long time but I must be lucky cuz my USB’s work great. (Razer Boomslang mouse/ Generic Web Cam/Fuji Digi Cam /Microsoft JoyStick /Epson Printer / Acer Scanner)