"Best" CD-RW drive?

I think it’s time to update my old Lite-On 24x LTR-24102M cd writer. It writes new CD’s very, very slowly (I bought Verbatim recently and think there’s a compatibility problem with my old drive). I’ve thought about a DVD burner, but I’m mostly interested in CD r/rw media compatibility and secondarily backing up protected cd’s. Besides, a decent cd writer would be about half the price of a DVD burner that might fit my criteria.

I’d appreciate any ideas about the “best” CD-RW drive, especially since finding reviews on new cd writers is very hard. I also would appreciate any persuasive aguments for a DVD writer that might work for me!

If you want to burn CDs, get a CD burner. The current LiteOn drives are far and away the best value at under $30 shipped. DVD burners are fine for occasional CD burning at lower speeds, but tend to be more picky about media and speeds.

They do? I didn’t know that, I thought dvd recorders were, if used in cd mode, just like cd writers…

Even my Khypermedia 52x cdrw drive will copy games good. But some drives are better than others. Alcohol’s web site, and Clonecd’s web site used to list recommended burners. Some of the older Yahama, Mitsumi, and the Plextor were highly recommended for coping CDs.

Thanks for the info, guys!