Best CD-RW Burner Brand



i need a new CD-RW as my existing one (aopen) is dying on me , cuz really i burn alot of CD-R…
so i need a quality burner , thats can handle burning alot of CD-R without any problemes…

so whats the best brand out there…

Asus , Samsung , Sony , LG …etc.


personally I would buy a dvd rom that does good CD copying here are two review links, (they are long but very informative and you can skip the areas you don’t need or want at this moment):

xbit labs reviews on the LG and the BenQ:
BenQ Xbitlabs review
LG drive Review (xbitlabs)


LiteOn is known to do a good job for low prices.
But personally, I would never buy one, they are too cheap for me… :bigsmile:

The Plextor Premium was my choice because of its writing and build quality.


Besides: are there any troubles with the search function of this forum? :cop:


oh I forgot to mention. the samsung Optical drives, at least the CDrom burner types, have 0 offset, which makes them a very good choice for EAC.

they are also extreamly durable, I have my original Samsung Combo drive still and it has probably done something close to 500 CD’s or more. I know I went through at least four 100 spindles and I think I had a few 50 packs too. In addition my friends and my gf have burned lots of stuff with it.


Pianoman speaks the truth. The Plextor Premium is worth the money, but the Liteons are priced very well.


Would recommend Plextor if they didn’t have a so stupid policy with Pxscan and so on.
So, buy a Liteon.


God have you see the prices and how long have they been out? :confused: I’ll still recommend and use liteon CD-RW.
Good luck with what ever you get. :slight_smile:


You have to price it as though it is a pricey DVD burner that just won’t do DVDs. Plus, the complete version of Plextools is included. Still tough to swollow.


LiteON may not make the greatest DVD burners but its the CD burner arena where they made their name and reputation. Get one of their CDR drives as they are still top class. Or even get one of their CDR drives that reads DVD as well as they arent that much more expensive from their standalone cdr drives.


For the price of it you could get a DVD burner. :eek:


If you notice, I don’t need one. But I can put a top notch CD burner to good use, especially one that corrects burn speed and laser intensity on the fly to maximize burn quality. My 3500 does that in its own way and I have become a strong supporter.


Did any one know that plexor is just repackage of BenQ, so people trying to create an image that plexor is super quality of burner and justify the way over pricing of plexor which in reality is BenQ and you can by the same burner for half price of its repackage.


@TCAS, that’s only true for the PX-740…you might want to do a little more reading/research before making false claims like the one above…

the Premium does certain things that no other drives can do…if you want/need them then they’re worth the price…if you don’t need/want those features then get something cheaper.


Even according to your own admission on Plexor PX-740 is being repackage of BenQ isn’t that tell that my false claim is stand as true statement. May be you are the one who need to do some home work.


TCAS is right on it in buying the original product from the original manufacturer if you can for a cheaper price. BQ has a good reputation these days and I would certainly consider this burner for purchase. Has anyone noticed the 740 (BQ brand) availablity and price lately?



The PX-740A, as of right now, is the FIRST and ONLY BenQ rebadge. Plextor’s CD Burners are their own.


Are you talking just CD Burners? :confused:


TCAS did not say all Plex’s were rebags! Unless my reading comprehension is slipping again.

Man I hate it when that happens! LOL

Love my plex 716 but would consider the new BQ when it comes out as an OEM pack. Man do I have a bad case of “I can’t freaking stop buying electronics”.

Alright TCAS, Chas, etp, ripit etc=we need to divide up our next purchases so we a good sampling of all the new burners.

LOL/right! I’m sure you will go for that!

PC-Guy is right. We are just a tad off target! Thanks for correcting us!


Agreed let’s go for it.


Sorry etp I’m waiting on the 1640. :eek: :slight_smile: