Best CD-R's for Audio CDs

Which brand of CD-Rs is best for burning Audio (Audio CD)?

I would like to know 2 brands.

  1. CHEAP but good, just for listening till I like the songs. Then I may throw them away or something.

  2. GOOD quality brand which will last long. I will keep precious collection on it.

1: I suggest prodisc or MPO.

2: Kodak or Mitsui toatsu. These are simply the best, especially for audio…since they have very good reflectivity. They are also long lasting.

Is there any cheap CD-R with very good or good reflectivity. I have recorded a Smart Buy (ProDisc) Audio CD & it skips in my Sony VCD Walkman. After reading various articles I think it may be a reflectivity problem.

I will consider Kodak & Mitsui for my precious collection.


Other brands it’s worth to try out: Acer gold(phthalocyanine), ritek gold(phthalocyanine), Taiyo Yuden(Cyanine), postech(Cyanine), richo(phthalocyanine, often made by ritek). Multimedia Masters & Machinery(phthalocyanine)

How good is the reflectivity of a Black CD-R Media?

I have read on many sites including the that it is the best CD-R for Audio.

It is said that it has better compatibility & also sounds warm/good.

How true is this?

The discs only have a black layer which is transparent to the laser in the writer but looks black for us. To my experience the black layer does nothing to the reflectivity or quality…the discs just looks kewl.

But most factories that produce CD-R discs with a colored layer have pretty new production lines and this may be why the discs seems to be better quality.

I have burnt an Audio CD on Black Media. It sounds normal & good. Just like the normal silver & gold CDs.

It is a Samsung Black CD-R manufactured by ProDisc & the Dye type is 9 phthalocyanine.

The Prodisc manufactured Samsung Black CD-R skips sometimes on my Sony VCD Discman.

The Sony CD-Rs 80-min manufactured by Sony have not skipped once till now. They are Blue media.

I have tried another brand for burning Audio CDs. Its a Frontech CD-R brand which is manufactured by Ritek. The Dye type is 7 - Phtalocyanine: GOLD.

This burned Audio CD worked FINE in my SONY VCD Walkman. Didn’t skip once.

I am confused though about the Dye Types & Nos. states that Dye Type 7 Phtalocyanine: GOLD patent is held by KODAK. Ritek holds Dye Type 9 which is GREEN/GOLD. Then how can a CD-R manufactured by Ritek be a Dye Type 7 Phtalocyanine: GOLD.

CONCLUSION: CD-Rs manufactured by SONY & RITEK (Dye Type 7: GOLD) have worked fine with my SONY VCD Discman.

Conclusion 2:
Stick with the discs that are working.
Try to experiment and find another brand that works fine in case the first ones aren’t for sale anymore

Thanx for the advice.

I am going to try some new brands & will update this post when I find the results.

some of my experiences:

tried many 80 min CDs for audio, brand and cheap aswell, no logical conclusion there…

but the 74 min CD always works, never skips, and recognized by all the players, even old ones, the quality of course depends

you tryed your sony right? i got a 3 years old sony diskman, which plays 80 min CDs fine, but my newest Sony D-EJ925 has problems going from one track to another

so go for 74 min CDs for your collection. with brand? unfortunately i dont know

i use: (and sounds great)
ATIP: 97m 31s 07f
Disc Manufacturer: Ritek Co. (maxell on disc)
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 656.69MB (74m 45s 00f / LBA: 336225)

take care

As I have said earlier, Dye Type 7 GOLD works great with my Discman. Even the 80 mins.

All the problematic CD-Rs I have mentioned are Dye Type 9.

Anybody knows cheap CD-R brands with Dye type 7 : Phtalocyanine GOLD.