Best CD-rom for Clone Cd, Liteon,Diamond Data, Asus?

Hope this thread qualifies for CLone CD forum & apologies to thr mods if they deem it isn’t,okay?
At this stage I’m thinking of getting a new CD-Rom drive to be my new “reader” drive in combo with the Asus 4012A,& for playing games,CD’s,ripping and playing home created VCD’s. I don’t really think I can afford to upgrade to a DVD drive, so rather stick to just CD-Rom option’s.
Of my locally available option’s I probably have 3 viable choices…
(Aussie boy here!!)
Mitsubishi Diamond Data 52x
Liteon 52x NB:I’ve read that one model of the Liteon’s 52x aren’t f/w upgradeable. Although I’d prefer getting a good CD-Rom/Clone Cd/Audio CD capable reader,I’m not likely to want to flash rom much anyway, if at all.
Asus 52x CD-Rom.

I may well have gotten a new drive, but if I can get any opinion’s before I decide,they’d be appreciated! :slight_smile:
Thus far, Futureproof in another thread stated the Mitsubishi Diamond Data as one of his top CD-Rom pick’s,(NB:CD-Rom, not including his DVD reccomendation’s,okay?).