Best CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Reader For CloneCD 4?

I have a Plextor 16/10/40A burner and I HAD a Toshiba 40X burner until it died today. I was looking at the Lite-On LTD 163 dvd/cd-rom reader. I was also looking at the Lite-On LTN-526 cd-rom. Does anyone have a preference here? I want to make sure that it will work well with my Plextor burner and with CloneCD 4! Has anyone had any experiences with this Lite-On drive and/or does anyone suggest a better drive for working with Clone. My main concern is not that it has a dvd-rom in it but that it will read my burned software from my sexy Plexy.


I feel that the LTD-163 is the best.

Asus DVD E616 DVD-ROM is also very good.

I second the LTD 163 DVD works like a charm…

I have the LTD163. Works great. I just wish it could read protected audio.

I used the 163 to read the MOHAA disk, and burned the backup on the 32123S. Sweet!

I say like everybody else, the LTD-163(D) is great choice. It’s more future-proof then a ordinary CD-ROM too, a format that will be replaced by DVD in a not so distant future…

Thanx guys…I’ll definitely get that drive then. Over the past 24 hours I’ve looked at quite a many reviews not to mention the replies from here and other forums and the answer is always the same so I’m definitely getting the LTD-163 then! I just have one other question now…which drive would be better to read software…particularly games from…my 16x Plextor burner or the LTD-163 dvd-rom drive?


The LTD-163 is better, but it is probably a bit noisier than your plextor I guess.

Regarding readers, the only advantage that Plextor seems to enjoy is the ability to read protected audio. For reading a data CD, the Plexi and the Litey both will do the job. The Litey is a bit noisey at high speed, but so what.

LTD-163 - can it read neither CDS or k2a or can it read one of them. also whats the typical read time for SD 2(.51)

Protected audio is a no go.

Safedisc 2 is around 5-7 minutes read time.

Agreed. The LTD163 cannot read CDS or K2A. If you want to back up protected audio, get a Plexi.

I hear the LTR32123S might be able to read K2A with the latest firmware.

You can read e.g. “Kuschel Rock 15”, which only contains one illegal data sessions (tested on my own).
But discs with several illegal data sessions are still likely to confuse the drive.

Cool…thanx guys…I can’t wait until I get it. Gonna order it tomorrow!!