Best CD-ROM drive?

Hey, I’m considering building a low end system for my dad’s birthday, and would want to buy a CD-ROM (not DVD or a writer) for him. Is there anyone making them these days? And which ones are the best?

No need for a writer at all, I have a DW1640, plus he doesn’t need it. I have a TEAC writer currently resting in the closet after more than 5 years of use (it deserves the vacation), would be unwilling to use that one. So, any help guys?

if you’re in the US, this would be fine, however I strongly recomend a DVD-ROM since software is begginning to make the transition to DVD (finally :rolleyes: ) and most DVD-ROMs can be had for around $20, such as this one :iagree:

Thanks for the info.

Nah I’m not in the US, and couldn’t find those drives for sale. I did find a BenQ 1605S, not listed on the BenQ site (might be a bit old). 16x DVD/48x CD. Strange how it seems only reads DVD-Rs not DVD+Rs (actually that’s what the specs I found on another page says).

if can, try find mitsumi 56x cd-rom, been using it for 4yr still going strong. ^^