Best CD Ripper (EAC) AND DVD Burner

I do A LOT of CD ripping using the highest error correction methods (into lossless APE). I also burn CDs and rip and burn DVDs once in a while. Can you please recommend me a drive that is:

  1. Really fast CD ripper with EAC and has great C2 error correction quality
  2. Burns quality CD and DVD
  3. Supports DVD+RW and Dual Layer
  4. Has Lightscribe

The price shouldn’t be more than around $50. If you think the only way I can get what I need is by buying two drives, then the budget will be around $90 combined.

I have read good things about Benq DW1655 but don’t know if it’s great and fast with EAC ripping. LiteOn SHM-165H6S was another drive I wanted until I found out that it rips only at about 3X with EAC. Please make some suggestions.

You need LG GSA-4167B:
1)It rips at 8-13x using EAC and has great C2 error correction quality
2)Indeed burns quality CD’s and DVD’s
3)It is a super multi burner (meaning it does support DVD+RW & DL)
4)Unfortunately, it does not support LightScribe

BenQ (1655) caches audio data and LG doesn’t, which makes LG (4167B) better audio ripper than BenQ. Also, BenQ is a bit slower.
If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

Take a look:

LG is certainly not the fastest ripper nor does it have proper CD correction.

Is there anyone in this forum who can recommend me something decent? Let’s forget about the price for now.

I was only comparing these two drives. From the point of view by “Exact Audio Copy V0.95 beta 4” by Andre Wiethoff, LG is better. From my point of view, I always get better burning results with LG. BenQ rips audio CD’s at 48x only after aplying rip lock patch on it’s firmware. Yes, LG reads DVD’s much slower, but it’s a matter of time when will someone patch it’s firmware to get the full potential of it (at least I hope so).

do you still have the liteon? if so, start then stop a trt in cd-dvd speed and it’ll disable smart-x for the current session. speeds things up quite a bit :iagree:

credit goes to the previous forum members who’ve stated this many times.

as far as all your criteria, I’d say that liteon is the best.

the benq does not report c2 info to EAC.

as far as caching audio data, if you stick with eac, it flushes the cache to do a comparison, so apart from the speed, it’s a moot point.

now if you’re really willing to fork out the cash, I’d go for a px-760a since it’s still one of the best audio rippers with plextools, bar none. it also does a decent job with dvd and cd media. see the cdfreaks review.

Actually the Super Multi Burner doesnt mean that it supports +RW and DL it means it supports DVD+R/RW/DL and DVD-R/RW/DL and DVD-RAM which is a really nice format. It supports multiple formats thats what the multi is for.

No LiteOn is too slow with EAC. Also, I have mentioned this already several times - I am not using burst mode!! I’m using the maximum settings of secure burning. If you look at the cdfreaks review for px-760a you’ll see that it’s ripping speed at secure mode is nothing but average. Another thing is that I don’t care for the plextools. Actually for me they are a waste of space and time. All I care is quality audio copying. For burning, most burners are excellent anyway considering that I am using almost exclusively Taiyo-Yuden bought directly from one of their suppliers (not that fake stuff from
I thought this would be a very helpful forum. Could you guys at least point me in the right direction to find out what I want? Maybe another forum or another thread in this forum.
Price is not an issue, but I don’t want to pay for crap that I’m not going to use. I couldn’t find a review at cdfreaks for Benq DW1655 . Maybe if I don’t get any good advice today, I’ll just go to a dvd forum and find out if this drive is great for dvds. Then I’ll buy and test it. If it’s good for EAC, then fine, if not, then ********. Pretty frustrating.

Maybe if I don’t get any good advice today, I’ll just go to a dvd forum and find out if this drive is great for dvds.

You realize that this forum is not an helpdesk, do you?

Maybe being a bit more gentle with users that are trying to help you would lead to better results and anwers.

Said that, while you wait for an answer that you’ll find “acceptable”, take a look at the Official EAC Support Forum, or play a bit with the [cdfsearch=best eac ripper]Search[/cdfsearch] function. :wink:


I appreciate all the help. I’m not trying to be rude and sorry if it sounded that way. I’m just very frustrated. Not only have I been trying to get answers at the official EAC forum, but also at 3 other audio forums. I have been doing this for more than two days and this thing drives me nuts because I’m running in loops.
I know this isn’t a helpdesk, but I assume forums like this contain many users who have great intelligence about PC equipment and I just wanted to get at least some helpful hints.
I have tried to search both, in forums and via google, but I’ve had no luck. At least now I found that Benq DW1655 is one of the best, if not the best, for DVD media.
What do you guys think of plextor 230A?

[B]Quakester2000:[/B] I said: “It is a super multi burner (meaning it does support DVD+RW & DL)”, besides other formats, DVD-R/RW/DL and DVD-RAM. I didn’t think it could produce missunderstanding, but anyway, thanks for pointing that up.

[B]Excelsius:[/B] First, you must straight up things with yourself. There are no such thing as perfect burner. If you look up on this forum, you’ll find that many people have more than two burners - they use one for burning, one for ripping, etc. You said you need a burner which is good for EAC. Then you must limit yourself with that kind of burners, and not to search for the best DVD burner, CD burner, LS burner, or something else. These things are important, but should be on second place of your criteria.
You want BenQ because it’s an good DVD and excelent CD burner altough there are other burners that perform the job you need (EAC) better, and some people here suggested those kind of drives (by their opinion). I don’t wanna be rude saying that you’ll never find what you are looking for, but you must low down your criteria and be more cooperative with people on this forum.
Regarding Plextor 230A, try searching the Plextor forum.

EDIT: I wish you luck in finding what you need! :wink:

Since I rip extensively with EAC - I’ll give you what I observed with the various drives I have used.

My personal opinion is that if all you want is the highest speed of ripping with EAC, you are better off with a CDRW not a CD/DVD combo or burner. And no matter what, if you want accuracy, you are not going to get a super fast rip.

The fastest ripper I have with EAC is the Sony 230E CDRW - speeds range from 8x to 16x and it handles problem CDs fairly well.

The Lite-on 1633S won’t go above 3.5 unless I “trick” it ( I rip a partial track in burst mode, cancel, change to secure, and immediately rip the CD). But this drive also has the best error correction I have seen - got tracks the NEC (later) and Sony couldn’t. However you pay the price in that really good error correction slows the drive down a lot.

The BenQ 1650 & BenQ 1670 which is rebadged I/O Magic and currently running Sony f/w rip at about the same speed about 6x with the edge in speed going to the 1670. I haven’t had these long and can’t say how well either will do yet with a problem CD as haven’t had one yet. I do run into on both, one or two tracks that I have to rerip because of a Sync/Read error on good CDs in about 1 in 6 CDs. These I skip and the second time around they come up good. It is a lot faster in error correction than either the Sony or the Litey when it kicks in for the occasional spot (maybe because as far as EAC is concerned there is no C2 error correction on either of these drives)

The two NECs are elsewhere and are used for ripping infrequently - I don’t have the model numbers as I never do a lot with these. The burner again is about 5-6x and the CDRW runs about 6x to 10x. Not as good at error correction as the Sony and nowhere near the Lite-on. This tho is based on casual observation as I can’t go immediately from the Sony/Lite-On/BenQs to these two drives for comparison.

And there is an option in EAC under Drive options to not to allow speed reduction. This is unchecked for all my drives. Whether it makes a difference I don’t know.

I also run into CDs all the time that no matter what the drive will normal rip at - these particular CDs will not go above 2 - 3x in ripping under EAC.

In the end you are going to have to do a lot of searching and decide just exactly what the specifications are that you want and look for a drive to fit that

chiguai, thank you so much! Actually I read more and more until I realized that for quality ripping EAC has already built in speed limitations to allow the rip to be error free. In light of this information, it seems to me that no matter what drive is used, the rip speeds are not going to be much higher than about 8x. That’s a trade-off I’ll have to live with until better software and technology are developed. So I’ll just abandon speed ripping requirement as long as it is not as low as LG’s 3.5x limit. I haven’t come across any evidence that says 3.5x ripping gives any better quality than 8x.
So my final question, to sort things out, is this: do you think that Benq DW1655 provides good quality C2 error correction? I know that it supports caching, which is not great, but this area is very dark and EAC has a way of going around that anyway.

As I stated, I haven’t had a really bad CD crop up yet to throw at the 1650 to see how it would handle it. I won’t have time for another week or so to dig one I know has problems out of storage. On relatively new/clean CDs, it will occasionally have a Read/Sync error, which I have EAC automatically skip the track. A second rip of just that track has pretty much given a clean copy the second time around. Though I think there were one or two I threw in the Sony or the 1670 to rip the second time.

The 1650 is a good solid ripper/burner - IMHO one of the better ones. But it does not have the normal C2 correction and EAC/Nero Info both will not see C2 correction on the drive. This helps to explain it.

Let me put it this way - I have a collection of CDs 15-20 years old, many of which are irreplaceable/no longer available that I am slowly ripping/backing up. I have through experience learned that a track one drive won’t read another will. So I keep at least 2-3 different drives I can try. The 1650 is a good ripper and will probably eventually replace my Sony, but I will keep the Litey in service until I can replace it with something similar.

That thread was very helpful. I posted my question in one of the threads linked there. The thread was three weeks old, but I hope I’ll still get a response.

secure mode is limited to under 10x in most circumstances since you need to compare results a few times, and especially if you need to flush the cache.

EAC uses quite a bit of plextools’ concepts that plextor came up with and put it in a program that has broader compatibility, so I’m a bit miffed at your plextools comment :confused:

as for the liteon you can increase the speed of the rip by doing something like a trt in cd-dvd speed that disables smart-x. the reading speed is artifically limited to keep disc rotational noise down while you’re playing an audio cd, but once you get around that it’s no slower than other drives, so I don’t really get the sever aversion to liteon… unless you have liteonphobia that many others do because of shady burners 4-5 generations ago.

Many seem to think that plextor is the best for CDs, so I think I will be going with PX-230A. As for plextools, I really don’t need them. Plextools are more for checking whether the CD you created has this or that quality, while all I care about is CD ripping. Plus I really don’t want to spend my time on plextools. One useful function is the overburning ability, but if the mp3 CD player in my car can’t read it, I don’t see the use. At home or at work I listen to only digital media, not CDs. My classical CDs are safely tucked in a dry and dark place for archives. :bigsmile:

IMO, [I]PlexTools[/I] is (also) one of the best secure audio rippers and audio-copyprotection killer available (talking of Plextor drives, of course), on par if not better under some aspects than EAC. :wink:



Care to let us all in on the secret?? Where in the world are you? Finding a place to buy TY in bulk in the UK at a good price is impossible. I have even gone as far as to import it from the sunshine state.

Some more opinions of EAC about some drives:

Time to spend that money.