Best CD Reader?

Out of these four, which one do you recommend me using to read CD’s from to make CD images to burn? (I’m backing up Battle for Middle Earth, I believe it’s SafeDisc 3.2 or SafeDisc 4.)

  • LiteON SOHW-832S
  • LG HL-ST-DT GCE-8525B
  • Plextor Premium


If I had to choose, I would probably choose the Premium for reading, but it wouldn’t REALLY matter what reader you chose, the hard part would be writiing the image.

Yeah as $CyBeRwIz$ said use the Premium, it skips past SafeDisc errors lightning fast. Then burn it, then play it in your LiteON SOHW-832S. It would be a good choice to use Alcohol 120% for this.