Best cd-r media for PlayStation 2 backups?



I have got great manufacturers as for DVD, so it’S not a problem. I am currently in the process of making backup of my enormous PS2 collection. CD-R media, I remember in the past people swore by nothing but the old Verbatim DataLifePlus Metal AZO (1-16x), with it’s dark AZO dye, that seemed to be the best bet. But now there have been many different versions of the PS2, up to the V12 (the slimline console), and there are many differences between them.Now DataLifePlus media has been discontinued for a long while and I ran out. What would be the best media to produce accurate backups? No DVD-Rips here, it is only backups of CD-ROM based PS2 games, from my originals, so there is less laser strain. I think it has changed since the latest versions, about the excellence of the old dark blue Verbatim discs.

Of course I’d buy Taiyo Yuden as they are the best bet. But I also have Ritek. I have two modded PS2 consoles, a V7 and a V12 slimline. I burn at the lowest speeds possible to ensure a high quality burn (altough I know it’s not a factor that is that much determining). Could it be safe to use Ritek, of I have to bo order a huge Taiyo Yuden spindle? :wink:


In australia we can still buy datalife plus cd-r’s which are AZO and are one of very few that work in my ps2. The only other brand that worked fine was one with nanya mid code. Have a look around for the AZO verbatim/mitsubishi cd-r’s they are still being made.


If those Verbatim really are what you’re looking for, try to find them.
I can still see some online shops which have Verbatim DataLifePlus.
So, I would advise you to search well the shops near you. You might find some of those Verbatim.


If you do a google search you will come up with this,GGLD:2004-49,GGLD:en&sa=N&tab=ff&oi=froogler
several of the listings have them in stock. Hope this helps.