Best CD-R Media for Nec 3500?



Whats the Best CD-R Media for NEC ND-3500A?
I use Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TA RC1.
Speed is not that Important.Low Error Rate and Longtime Stability would
be Important.

Greets, Terrortubbie


I get excellent results with these:

Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO CD-R 52x (MCC type 3)
Tried writing speeds: 48x, 40x, 32x

My NEC 3500 writes these discs equally well at speeds 32-48x (haven’t tried anything slower). I don’t know about long-time stabilty as I have only had these discs for a month, but they have a fairly scratch resistant top (i.e. “Crystal”).

Here’s a PlexTools C1/C2 scan performed in a Plextor PX-712A drive at 48x speed; the disc was written at 40x with firmware 2.18 LD_V2 beta4:

Note: PlexTools doesn’t directly support scanning at higher than 24x, but it can be tricked into doing so by externally changing the drive’s reading speed.

EDIT: These discs are “Made in China” and were bought in Germany.



Taiyo Yuden CD-R IMO-

You can get the “A” Grade from for $26 for 100 cakebox plus shipping-




Rima is probably not relevant for someone whose location is “Europe”, like Terrortubbie? Shipping from the US would be expensive and import tax must be added.

I bought 100 Verbatims from for €20 (incl. VAT) + shipping.


For some reason the price at WeSellCD is 40% higher when you enter the German Language part compared to the Danish language part for this media??? :eek:



Point well made - however - I try and include a purchasing point - if possible - the folks who use it know where they are located IMO-



Hi all!
Thx for advice.I will try the Verbatims first, because they are easier to get.
Btw: I already use Tayo Yuden DVD-R from Plextor with the 3500 and they
give excellent Results.


You can order Taiyo Yudens as well as Verbatims etc. from this site in Germany: