Best CD-R for burning?

Hi There I’m asking which is the best CD-R for burning I ordered a pack of 100 DATASAFE but my freind told me the CD I burnt him didn’t work on his Thompson Hifi system It works on everything else except for his so I would like to know which is the most compatible CD-R out thanks for all the help dudes :bigsmile:

Please help don’t make me cry. :confused:

Consumer level = TDK & Sony is about all I’d buy in a store.

The best CD-R you can buy for professionals without a doubt is the “Taiyo Yuden” but they’re only sold in bulk and not in stores…I read an article on here that they are releasing them for consumers.

FYI, TY are available in 5 & 10 pck in some stores…e.g. Plextor or Verbatim Pastel branded.


This Q has been A-ed many times.

Pls, check Taiyo Yuden and RiTEK sections @ CD-R Media tests

Verbatim Pastels are available also in 50pcs-spindles (at least in Italy), at a very convenient price! :slight_smile:



Currently I’ve got 4 spindels of those :wink:

You can also find TY on Fujifilm CD-R that are MADE IN JAPAN. Just check the packaging on the spindle and it will tell you where they were made. Been going this route for a while and haven’t gone wrong yet. :wink:

Thanks guys, quick question what cd brand do those big companies use?

What, do you mean factory original discs? They don’t use CD-R, they used factory pressed discs.

Dude is there anyway you can get them?

are tdk’s made by Taiyo Yuden, my TDK 48x, must have sued about 300 of them, NEVER had a coaster :bigsmile:

They are even available in 100pcs spindles at an even more reasonable price. That’s why I almost exclusively use TY CD media now (Verbatim Pastel discs), with the exception of genuine Sony (made by Sony) discs that are broadly available at retailers here, and which give me very similar (= great) results with my drives. So I personally recommend TY and Sony CD blanks.

TY CD media availability and price is not a problem here in good old Europe. DVD media however is a different case… :frowning:

Which TDK do you mean ? Made by who ? I recall asking you this Q [COLOR=RoyalBlue]here[/COLOR]

Interesting… I have never seen them in Italy, anyway. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


TDK not sure who makes them they’re very reliable too. Verbs aren’t too bad but they tend to be a little expensive in stores at least.

I didn’t know they sold TY in stores now, thanks for the link BoSkin.

It depends on where you live… Verbatim Pastels [TY] are cheaper than TDK (RITEK) here in Italy… These Verbs are not too bad, to be exact they are great! :cool:



Is Infiniti a wise choise or not I’m gonna buy more but I’m not sure which one’s DATASAFE have worked except for one guy so I need to see, he’s used infiniti and it works for him? is a link where you can get some Taiyo Yuden in 100 spindles some one check it if it’s a good choice.

Sony & ASUS

Is Taiyo Yuden actually the most compatible I need a final answer to know weather or not to buy these popular CD’s.