Best CD-R burner/media for PSX backups

Good morning everyone,

I just started playing my old Playstation again. I went to go look for some old games on eBay and was in shock of the prices these things fetch. Seeing as some of the games I already own are scarce, (Suikoden II comes to mind) I would like to start using backups, so that I can preserve my originals for a later date.

My current backups have turned out bad (Skipping audio). After doing research, I found out that my Verbatim discs were actually CMC discs. I’ve been looking for TY discs, since I heard they were good, but I haven’t been sure on which ones to buy, as I found out that some of them are actually CMC discs.

I’ve also read that with PSX backups, your burner and media are super important for creating a good backup. Which brings me to my question:

What is the best combination of CD-R writer and media for PSX backups?

If you recommend TY media, please give me a link to where I buy authentic TY CD-Rs, and not the CMC knockoff. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Compatibility wise you may be best off looking at older full size jewel packaged Verbatims with AZO or Super AZO branding. There’s plenty of them on auction sites right now.

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Alright. Thanks sengork.

I know this media must be burned at 1x, so what CD burner would you suggest with this media?

Probably older drives as well however i have no immediate experience with them. Perhaps someone else can chime in and make a suggestion for that.

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I only ever play old games, burned hundreds and hundreds of discs so trust me on this

The absolute best CD burner for not only PSX but all old school consoles (Sat, PCE, MCD etc…) is the Plextor 8/20 SCSI Plexwriter (MFR date after March 1999, as earlier ones have issues).
The 12/10 one is, obviously, very good too but I believe can’t burn at 1x.

Have been using this since, well forever, never had a single coaster (I use CDRwin 3.7c)

For media either TY or, as sengork already suggested, old Verbatim, possibly DataLifePlus.
Metal Azo are maybe impossible to find now, you should have some luck with Super AZO

I got a hold of some JVC Taiyo Yuden and Verabatim AZO CD-Rs.

The backup with the TYs were loading, but had sound issues. I have not tried the Verbatims yet.

I heard a rumor that if you set the PSX on its side, it helps the laser read the disc better. Turns out, its no lie. The TY disc that had sound problems instantly started working; flawlessly.

I learned that you can fix the laser in the PSX by adjusting the pots. I don’t like the idea of paying $200 for an old CD-R drive. So if I damage the system, I’d rather spend $10 on another PSX, and try again.

In case anyone was wondering, I was using a Mashita drive that came with my laptop. The software was Alcohol 120% on the Playstation settings. The speed stayed within a range of 8x-14x.

Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate everyones help around here. :iagree: