Best CD-R 90 Min. blanks are ...?

I’m collecting live recordings and burn them onto CD-R.
Often the shows are between 80 and 90 minutes. I don’t want to split those shows onto 2 CD-R’s so I’m searching for HQ 90 min. blanks.

I got the bad feeling, that a 90-min CD-R automatically got more (C1) errors - is that correct?
I’m using the 5239S drive by LITEON and burn at around 12x.

Thanks for all recommendations,
PS: the following brands are available: Memorex, Philips, Primeon, TDK, Ultron, Verbatim and maybe SKC blanks if I ask a friend in Germany to get them for me.

The best are TY from or another reliable source. Most of the media brands you mention will use various media codes and they may be good or just average (CMC). You never know until you open them. Given the nature of your project, the TY are not much more expensive.

But I don’t think 90mn TY discs even exist, am I wrong? :confused:

Verbatim sells 90min CD-Rs (Reorder 43428 in Europe). See image below.

I have no idea if they are good or not, as I don’t buy 90min media at all. If I need an occasional CD that is longer than 80min I would just use the GigaRec feature of my Plextor PX-712A drive.

Yeah, actually I was wrong, afer some searching I found that some “premium” brands DO sell 90mn CDRs. Sorry.

But these Verbs are not Mitsubishi discs, are they? (“Datalife” only…)

Sorry, you are right. I was thinking of overburning and the fact that he specifically mentioned CDR-90 just went right over my head.


I can understand that… :wink:

Thanks for the hints.
I wish I could contact BoSkin, because I guess he knows a bit about 800 MB blanks … he loved the old SKC media

I have to deceide between Intenso



or Verbatim (but those are the cheap ones) OR SKC

TDK. Because there the only manufacturer that has 90 minutes media that can work at 52x withouth giving C2 errors andf no speed drops.
Only problem is that I heard that TDK is now also ussing other stuff from other manufacturers.