Best CD printing prog for my R200 and Vista x64

Version that came with my printer is 1.20. I understand I need at least version 1.3 or higher for proper function in Vista. Now I’ve read some of the threads around here and found links to versions 1.40E and 1.50E, the problem is neither works. 1.40 doesn’t have any printers to select from, even though the printer works fine in other apps. Version 1.50E came from the Russian site and its telling me about some file missing that prevents Epson-CD-Print from running.
What choices do I have? Do I call Epson and pay for the new version or do i simply find an alternative. What’s the best program out there without breaking the bank? Remember it needs to run under Vista 64-bit…

To avoid the missing file problem with 1.50E you must install one of the other modules (EasyPrint? I don’t remember exactly - this was in XP). Did you install the XP x64 driver? Worth a try.

Yes, Vista default 64 bit driver is installed and printer works normally in other apps. Funny thing is after numerous installs and uninstalls of different versions I am unable to install my very own CD that came with the printer. (that explains why I had problems with other versions as well) It installed a couple of times before. Something got screwed up along the way I guess. It’s telling me I got no Printer driver installed and need to install one otherwise installation terminates. And of course the driver won’t install due to incompatibility with Vista x64. I am in the process of downloading Discus demo as we speak and will give it a go. Any opinions? Anything better or cheaper?

Oh I thought you said if I tried Vista 64bit driver and you said XP 64 bit driver. My bad, sorry. No I did not try the 64 bit XP driver. Should I? Did anybody else try it?

Discus works like a charm btw.

The XP-x64 driver probably won’t work cause it’s not digitally signed for Vista. I’d still install the EasyPrintModule (you can download it from Epson) to see if it solves the missing file problem with 1.50E.

Thanks for the tip about Discus.

Where do i find 1.50E at?

Try here:

Thank you. I looked for it the other day and could not find it :o

You’re welcome. You just have to know the correct file name and then google :slight_smile: .

Any special tricks to get it setup?

Haven’t done it in a while, but keep your Epson-CD handy in case it request a missing file during setup. For the missing file on startup (after installation), install the EasyPrintModule as mentioned above. Once you have it running, it’s just a matter of setting the correct inner and outer diameters to match your discs. I import my images as “Background” and print in std. (not highest) photo quality. (Using my repaired Canon atm, don’t have PrintCD installed now.)

P.S. - The “secret” about disc-printing is to use a perfectly prepared image, ready to import into the printing program. That’s 90% of the work. At least resize & crop so you’ll have a perfect circle that fits into the template. IrfanView is just perfect for this.

Well I’ve had it with greedy Epson and their lack of support. Will never buy or recommend any of their crap. Went out and bought a Canon (don’t live in States) and Im off to print some CD in Vista 64. :bigsmile:

You will enjoy the Canon. :iagree:

It was between HP Photosmart D5160 and Canon Pixma IP4300 which I got. Did I make the right choice? Anybody tried both by any chance? I have less than a week to make a final decision.
Thanks again for any comments.

Canon iP4000 and CD-LabelPrint work in Vista x64 :slight_smile:

The HP has gotten underwhelming user reviews for the driver and print software. So far, Canon seems to win out in both those areas over both HP and Epson.

Given the dual paper feeds and true duplexing of the Canon, seems like a winner to me. Pretty rare to see an unhappy IP4300 owner.


We are looking for a supplier that can deliver printable business card CD/DVD with the dimensions 85mm x 61mm. Do you know someone(in Europe or else)?



check your local canon distributor first, whether they have stock for your print head.
I ditch canon last year because local distributor never carried print head. ordering take 1-2 weeks.(more for older types)