Best CD imaging/playback program now

I know this question keep popping up, I’ve done the search but could not determine what is the best today and I thought member experience can help me.

I am tired of backing up Cd’s as my kids keep scratching the CR-ROM educational PC games and I need to image them on the HD (just got a 73 GB 10K.6, 10,000 RPM SCSI Cheetah drive) so I can mount them in a virtual drive and let the kids learn/play. CD-ROM drive is the Plextor 40x wide SCSI. Just installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro. Machine is Dual PIII 500 Mhz. I’ve used CloneCD in the past but I read it is in hibernation for now.

So which one program is the best to buy. (I don’t need to backup teenage games etc. Kids are 6 year old and younger).

CloneCD “At the moment” is not being updated as you know. This may change soon though.

If you have used CloneCD in the past and it still works copying your stuff then keep on using it.

Basically though each program is best at copying different copy protections. I think most people here use a combination of two or three of Alcohol, BlindWrite and CloneCD to make their backups.

The only one not to offer a virtual drive is Blindwrite.

The other thing of course is that nowadays your CD hardware comes into play to make working copies of the lastest copy protections. I have no idea what protection younger kids software has on it.

For me if you want a virtual drive the best choice at present is Alcohol 120%.

Thanks for the response. I had bought and upgraded up to CloneCD 3 version. Now CloneCD 4 is not available. I will buy Alcohol 120% and continue to look for the new CloneCD. Laselock is the most common protection scheme I’ve seen for kids educational tiltles.