Best CD/DVD ROM drive (read only)

I’m just getting into this, and didn’t see any overly recent relevant posts, so please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere and I missed it.

I’m looking to purchase a new CD/DVD ROM drive, and I was curious what the best current choices are out there. I’m not looking for a burner yet, just a reader. My biggest concerns are copy protection and accuracy, esp. for backing up audio CD’s to my hard drive using EAC. Any suggestions before I go shopping?

Any tips for the best places to shop online would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for your opinions! :slight_smile:


The very best is the AOpen 1648/aap - Pro and can be gotten here:

Says that it is in stock-eh!

Thanks, eh! So this drive has no issues reading/ripping CD’s or DVD’s with copy protection? If so, I’m in!

I dont know what the best is but my NEC 3520A sux at reading.

My Liteon Soho 5232k is great!


[B][I]If[/I][/B] you ever find one of those - become an exclusive dealer - 'cause you will make billions off of them-eh!

:doh: Heh heh, yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ve been sifting around for awhile now, and there’s just so many different posts and opinions on the subject of drives that it’s making this relative newcomer’s head spin, ya know? I actually have room for 2 half-highs, and maybe I’ll just replace both of these at once, and hopefully between the 2 that’ll cover most of the bases. (As of now neither drives can even tell what protections are involved with most of my discs, even using the Protection ID app) I only want 1 burner, but I’ll go with 2 if that’s what’ll cover the most possibilities: I now realize that there’s no one foolproof drive, and there may be certain things that no drive can overcome. Keeping in mind that I don’t deal with DVD’s nearly as often as I do Cd’s. …eh!

Well, I just ordered a Lite-On SHM-165H6S. It took a lot of reading and searching, but after reading pchilson’s review on it, I figured it was the one. Man, this takes a heck of a lot of sifting, sorting, and searching! So, now I have one more to snag, one that will offset shortcomings (if any) of this one. But no more searching for me for a while - I’ve got some serious eye (and brain) strain happening here… Anyone who can point me in the right direction will earn my eternal gratitude!


Good choice - now if you want a hella fast/read anything CD-DVD ROM - then go for the AOpen 1648/aap Pro -eh!

Hey, thanks a lot BigMike! I think that’s the one I may go with, but I’m waiting until after Christmas now… getting a bit strapped for cash now, ya know? Until then I’ll keep scanning posts and taking suggestions.