Best CD/ DVD reader



Not really cost sensitive - i have a pioneer A09 writer

thinking of getting the best possible reader for problem discs / scratched etc.

could get another a09 but would like any opinions

would prefer a black finish as well but quality first

thanks !


For CD’s, Aopen, Liteon, Plextor Premium.
For DVD’s, Pioneer, Plextor, Liteon.


I don’t think there is one particular drive that can read all kind of scratched disk. As I have tons of scratched disks (thanks to my sons), sometimes BenQ 1620 can read fine, sometimes not --and Plextor can read it, sometimes my second BenQ 1620 can read the disk which the first BenQ can’t… sometime my old dvd-rom can read a scratch disk which all my burners cant… etc etc.

For reader/ripper, I would vote for BenQ 1620, currently is as fast as AOpen 1648/AAP. BenQ 1620 14.73x DL rip.