Best CD Drive For Audio Extraction




I would like a drive that performs flawlessly for audio extraction with good C2 error implementation. I intend to use it with the Reference version of dbPoweramp for ripping (and on occasion EAC).

What do you guys recommend? My Liteon is getting a bit old and picking up on errors that I don’t think are there.

DVD reading would be nice to have but is optional. CD ripping is the number one concern here.




Maybe a Plextor Premium could be a good (but really costly :eek: ) option :slight_smile:


All the retailers that I’ve checked so far (in the UK) have been out of stock of Plextor drives. It looks like major changes at Plextor. I would buy the Premium if I could find it (although it is pricey).

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can find it at Computer Universe. If I’m not wrong they ships also in UK :slight_smile:


thanks. It looks like they do send to the UK! :clap:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I found about 8 dealers with the Plextor PremiumII in stock. In the UK.
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Of course, a Plexi would be great, but I like my old Litey LTD163. It rips like a champ once flashed with the Dell firmware.