Best CD Burner!

all i can say is PLEXTOR 24/10/40
this is the best burner on the market in my mind.

i picked up this burner the first week it was out and haven’t made a coaster yet. 100 plus burns and still going with out an error.

i have been able to backup any copy protected disk without any problems: safedisk 1 and 2, safeaudio, SecuROM, etc.
haven’t had any problems with any protections yet.

and thanks to CLONECD !!!
without this little program this wouldn’t be possible.
best cd burning software ever

CDFREAKS !!! keep up the good work, i visit everyday just to make sure i don’t miss anything in the cd media world.
best forum site on the net

So far I’d have to agree with you :cool:

You have just confirmed, or rather repeated, what has been said many many many times here before :wink:

But it is good to see you enjoy your burner…but this is not the forum to post it in…General Chat would have been better…since there is no question posted here (and it is mostly about your burner, secondly about CloneCD)…

Ah well he’s just happy with his burner and want to share it with us all. CloneCD and the Plex PX-W2410A is a great combo :smiley:

The best writer is the
Liteon 24102b (24/10/40)
It will copy all current protections using clonecd
does not need the amplify weak sectors
and costs 1/2 the price of the plextor

uk price £85
us price $99

I takes 4 min to read a full 80 min cd (SD2)
and takes 5 min to write it.

without protection 3 min to read 4 min to write
all this with the cheapest branded media i can find. (no coasters yet and 50+ writter so far)

and that includes those cds like settlers II that previously took 25 min to read with mitsumi/plextor/yamaha etc.

i doubt any write can beat those speeds at the moment.

I like my TDK velo 241040X, and it hasnt failed me yet.

I agree with smartypants and moved this here…

Wish you many hours of happy burning!

You can never go wrong with a Plextor ot TDK for that matter (same make)