Best CD Burner for Verbatim 16x Premium AZO Blue

I just found some Verbatim 16x Premium AZO Blue, re-order #91224.

Lets just say a LOT of them.

Can you guys help me out with some CD burners that will do justice to this media.

1: Plextor Premium

Any other drives??


Plextor Premium 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I don’t expect modern DVD burners to support this media. You may have more luck with CD burners, maybe an LG?

If you have an early Pioneer DVD writer (104-106), they seem to have support for older CD-R media. My Pioneer 106 writes 74min TDK media with nice results though I would expect the Plextor CD writers to be the best currently available choice.

I don’t have any old burners DVD or CD at the moment.

I am looking for any make/model of burner that supports this media, I will then go out and find one :slight_smile:


x16 Verb CD-Rs, We talking the Metal Azo Discs ?? im sure the Plextor CD Burner i have supports them, im sure i burnt them with this plex.

Hmmm… damn I wish I could get some of those discs and make my Ricoh MP7200A eat some of them. It burns them better IMO than any of my DVD drives. The DVD drives don’t seem to … burn it hard enough I think. Seriously, looking under a strong light the disc looks more burnt and different from original unburnt colour than the DVD burners do.

The discs also scan very well when burnt in my MP7200A.

I can’t say what DVD drive could handle them though. My Pioneers seemed ok but not great. I know that Liteon CD burners couldn’t burn them very well. Ppl here may say it “scans” well or “I never had a prob with liteon and Metal Azo” but let me tell you, my PS1 did not like Liteon+Metal Azo. So stay away from any liteons for burning that disc.

Do you by any chance have a Plextor DVD burner? Plextor DVD burners are fairly good CD-R burners and there’s also VariRec to play with (in PlexTools) if the default strategy isn’t optimal.

Would this just be the Plextor Premium line or would it include Plexwriter models?

I am looking for an external model but I can stick on in a case. Can you guys help me out with some model numbers?


Nope never had a Plextor so I am clueless on models…

Looking at a PX-PREMIUM-U/SW right now.

Some of the Plexwriters are real Plextor while others are (IIRC) relabeled BenQ.

FYI, you shouldn’t overspeed these discs. Some of the older discs (especially Azo) have a very narrow power margin and may become bad at the end… :wink:

Thanks for the advice, I will be testing them in all my drives I have now and if they don’t burn for crap then I will just buy a Plex Premium external.

My CD’s will be here today, all 127lbs of them haha :wink:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

dude, thats like 3k cds!

might I inquire where you found these? if my friend still has my old 24x cd burner (and if it still works) it would pwn with them babies :smiley: (I think it was a rebadged pio, but I’m not positive :confused: )

Hehe well they are in all jewel cases, 540 total to be exact.

Got them on ebay

How much did you pay? If you don’t mind me asking. Many of us would pay more than a dollar a disc for them so don’t be ashamed.

I don’t mind at all.

$76.15 shipped

Just so happens that the seller lives near a UPS Hub that ship right to my town so I am getting them next day (today)

Wow. That’s terribly cheap. :eek:
Regular mortals like me won’t even get today’s Ritek for that price :bigsmile:

Now they just have to get here before my wife gets home haha

Nice find.

I was just looking on ebay and some one on there is sell 50 pioneer dvd-r’s for $150, if i recall pioneer dvd’s were ment to be really good.

If it’s real PVC*, yes.
But fake media with PVC codes also exist, IIRC.

Oh, and you have to know whether it’s DVD-R for General or DVD-R for Authoring. :wink:

OK finally got time to burn some!!

Daughter had a Basketball Tournament last night so I only had time to unpack the box, man they all came in 1 box :doh: But they did send me extra haha.

Anyway here is a 16x burn from my LG H22N (lowest speed it would burn them)

Very acceptable burn and the Jitter is outstanding.