Best CCD Burn for: Bad Sectors

Hello, this may have been asked before, but I searched and did not find an exact answer.
Please say again and answer my other question.

What is the best CCD profile to burn my CCD image for protection identified as:
Bad Sectors with Clony

The CCD image is not from a game but from a Font collection CD.

Manufacturer: ARTEC
Product: WRA-WA48
Revision: 1.00

For CDs that have stronger protection:
I am not sure how many sheep efm burner I have as it is not listed at the CCD site.
If someone has info about my writer please say,
and if its not a good sheep writer, should I enable AWS for CCD v4.2.0.2?

Did you try a backup using the Game or Data profile yet? Or are you afraid of a coaster. I read the following about your burner:
“Artec 32x12x48x CD-RW is an ideal tool for backing up or distributing your data. No need to get an extra hard drive, just burn it and store it. Artec’s CD-RW is a combination of high performance and reliability. With the newly developed “JustLink” technology from Ricoh, errors or buffer under runs are a thing of the past. also included is Nero, one of the most user friendly and easy to use burning software programs from Ahead.”

It says it has buffer underrun technology so it must have at least 1 sheep but thats not a safe guess. Also if its based on Ricoh that probably means it uses Ricoh chipset, but that doesn’t help much either I guess. Look at the first Read Me and do the test alexnoe has to see how many sheep your burner scores. I don’t really know what setting is best for bad sectors so I will let someone else answer that. But I know SD protection uses those so why not a SafeDisk Profile? :confused:

But some know-it-all might jump down my back for saying that.

Buffer underrun prevention technology has nothing to with the writer’s ‘sheep score’. Since kenno is trying to copy a fonts CD I don’t think that it’s copy-protected. Bad sectors indicate that the disc has errors on it. To me that could indicate that the disc is scratched and thus, if this is indeed the case, CloneCD won’t be able to repair that for you. I would suggest you try reading the original disc with CloneCD using the Data CD Profile. Use a low read speed and keep an eye on your CloneCD log window. When you see read errors during the read process then the disc cannot be read. The errors could be part of a protection but I doubt it. Please report back!

I guess this is what is of confusion GameFreak. The elby page indicates sheep rating based on a category called Buffer-Underrun Technology. This is why I made such an assumption. Why categorize it in such a way then?

No they don’t:

Although both the “Buffer-Underrun Technology” column and the “Correct EFM-Encoding” column use the same icons they indicate two different things. This is also described on the Elby website itself:

Buffer-Underrun Technology
= Drive offers a buffer under run technology like BurnProof or JustLink. This option can be controlled by the user.
= Drive offers Seamless Link buffer under run technology. Seamless Link is always enabled and cannot be switched off.
= Drive does not offer any buffer under run technology
Correct EFM-Encoding
= Drive writes regular bit patterns correctly.
= Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly.
= Drive does not write regular bit patterns correctly or has not yet been tested. Use “Emulate weak sectors”.

The “Correct EFM Encoding” column, by the way, indicates the drive’s sheep rating!