Best Capture program for VHS to DVD?



First I have a BenQ 162I External Layer burner, 16X and am very pleased with the quality of the backups.
I am uptodate with my firmware and keep in contact with BenQ’s support line and as well use their recommended Media.
I have several VHS Media that I would like to back-up.
First I wondered about the quality of the Video when it is written by the burner, as well is it hard on a Burner to do this type of backup as I would imagine the process is slower.
What connectors would I need for my Toshiba Intel Pent 4, 1.9 ghz, 512 RAM notebook?? RCA cables and a converter and then what is the best software???
I should imagine that since VHS is not digital that the quality on the DVD will be the same, correct?
Is it worth the price to buy all of this when the dvd’s will likely be available in a Remastered form and be better viewing quality.

I would appreciate comments, thankyou


Everyone has their own best way to do this. The best advice I can give you is to start looking first at (but remember this is more geared towards professionals), and then look at There are tons of guides, tutorials, and advice. Some guys swear by using the ATI AIW solution for capturing, and others prefer capture devices by CANOPUS, ADS, or Plextor. Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you want quality, don’t buy the cheap solutions.


If yur running XP… there is a free program probably already installed called Windows Movie Maker.

Editing is not the greatest feature but it works for me.


Instead of starting another thread, I thought that I would simply add on to the one I started awhile back.
All I really want to do is convert mys VHS rock concerts into DVD’s since some of them I can’t get.
I don’t want an elaborate and complicated program to do this. As what I use for burning my backups as an example is either Clone DVD by Sly soft or DVD Shrink and those are used with Any DVD.

i want a program that is user friendly, and I would assume that since VHS is not digital that the quality is not very likely going to be that great.
Or is there a program that can allow you to tweak it so that there is enhancement of the backup?

Also I wondered about the amount of time required to burn a backup from a VHS. Would it take a significant amount of time, more than a dvd backup and therefore cause a lot of wear and tear on the Burner?

I simply want to clone my Rock Concert VHS and get the best quality.

What sort of equipment will I have to get? I realize I have to get a capture card, and I would really appreciate getting comments from the experienced members and as I mentioned earlier I wondered if my burner would suffer because I have a collection of about 70 VHS that I would like to clone. The only reason I mention that is because I realize that the VHS plays back with the tape moving so slow.

I look forward to responses, thankyou :bow:

Just wanted to say that I don’t plan on doing any editing.


This isn’t any harder on your burner than anything else. You capture to your hard drive, and it takes however long your vhs movie is. So, a 1 1/2 hour vhs movie, will take 1 1/2 hours to capture. Make sure you capture as an avi if you want to do any editing at all, or go straight to mpeg2 if you don’t need to make any changes. After you get the file to the hard drive, just burn it. If you captured as avi, you will need to encode first and then burn. If you don’t know much about this, I highly suggest you do some research and reading at


Thanks for the reply and the link as I don’t know a lot about this topic, however will likely want to do this over the winter months as a new hobby and thought that I should start getting prepared now.
My burning will be without editing simply a straight clone of my vhs collection, so i will try to read about that and as well I will have to research programs.
I saw one post that said this is an expensive proposition and suggested to the poster to simply buy the DVD if it can be found.
Another post that I saw suggested to purchase bring $$$$ and buy Canopus ADVC-300 with WDVD software, Canopus Procoder, DVD Lab Pro or Sonic artist and Nero 6 Burning Software.
Thus I am wondering about how expensive this cloning of my VHS collection is going to be.
I will look at these programs recommended to another poster in another forum.
Any comments, thankyou.


There is a FREE program and one of the best software products you could use.
It named VirtualDub. Download it from here and learn everything you want about it from here . :clap: :iagree: