Best canadian blank media store? Looking for blank media blank dvd



What is the best Canadian blank media store? I’m looking for blank dvd media. It doesn’t have to be the best quality, and the shop does not need to be online, although I would prefer it since I’m lazay :rolleyes:


Several of our Canadian members have recommended
Not being in Canada myself, I have no personal experience with that shop, however.


I use BlankMedia regularly and I recommend them. Great prices and service. I buy TY and DVD cases from them.


I’ve also heard many people recommend if you’re looking for blank media from Canada :slight_smile:


One other good media store to check out is Got an E-mail from them a week ago about the fact they’ve revised(lowered) their pricing and shipping. They will frequently offer free shipping deals on good media. Don’t settle for less than the good stuff wherever you buy. You might regret saving a couple dollars and ending up with junk. There’s a lot of it out there these days :(.