Best Buys on DVD+R?



I’m building a movie library for myself. I buy 100 DVD+R discs every other month. This is the price and type of media made available to me at the local stores:

Memorex DVD+R 4x: 149.99 for 100
FujiFilms DVD+R 4x: 139.99 for 100
TDK DVD+R 4x: 129.99 for 100

I want to try buying them online in the future, but most of the DVD medias I found are DVD-R discs. When I do find DVD+R discs, they are made by somebody I’ve never heard of… Price is not really a concern for me, because I want to make sure the quality is good. But then again, that’s just my spoiled half talking. So, if we consider both the quality and the price, what are the best buys for DVD+R 4x discs?


I take it you’re in the US? Then this is the best. Very reliable dealer, and good price.


My first choice is . They stock superior quality and variety compared to others, and service is second to none. Price isn’t everything, but they have very competitive prices too.


thanks everyone!


Just ran into this, HP DVD+R 4X 50PK only $29.99 - unbelievable price

Code65536 if you r reading, any idea who make HP/Compaq DVD+R? are they any good? is also a great source, but this deal is just ridiculous, although I just bought Samsung DVD+R 50 pk from newegg for $60, I think I will pick up these HP 50pk at half the price!



HP DVD’s are exclusively CMC AFAIK.


I have no experiences with CMC, are they good to use with Lite-On drives?


Generally, no, but there are exceptions. It’s not the burner’s fault, the firmware is just not well-calibrated for them.


well, i bought TDK branded (CMC manufactured) DVD+R’s at 4x for $1.00 each. They appear to be Grade A discs (amazing! its CMC) and burns 100% perfect on my LD-411S, so you shouldn’t have problems (as long as you know which ones to buy). You just gotta know that you pay for what you get (and thus the higher quality CMC for a higher price)


LiteOns and Pioneers seem to tolerate CMC much better than the Plextors. The only CMC media I have had good results with on the Plextor was some TDK stuff. Everything else was garbage on a plastic disc, without exception.


Well after seeing some of CMC’s Kprobe graphs, even its only 50C per 4X DVD+R disc, I think I will pass this time.