Best Buy working on their own tablet device



Best Buy working on their own tablet device.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Despite being the only brick and mortar retailer currently offering the Apple iPad, Best Buy reportedly is still developing its own tablet to try to sell directly to consumers.

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Not surprising since Best Buy has a history of releasing their own in-house brand products.


To be honest, I’m not happy with this whole tablet thing. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer using a laptop with a descent sized keyboard. Touch screen is harder to use. Why should the on-screen keyboard cover half of the screen? What if I wanted to watch a DVD or listen to a CD?


My hair cut gal has a Ipad and I do have to say it looked awesome display wise and seemed to be doing well playing back some trailers and things.
I’d get something like it to use as a personal media player and on the go web browser info appliance but I wouldn’t pay apples prices for one.
Just got my step dad a cheap MP4 player that can read text files, play AVI’s and play MP3’ audio and other files and it looked great for it’s size and price, was only 50 bucks and you can get even better MP5 players that support even more goodies for about that price too, but they are a lot smaller.
Once they get that big though, yep, maybe a full on laptop or netbook would be better.
The new personal players have about a 4.5 inch wide screen max and fit nicely in a pocket and are plenty good enough to show off pictures, watch videos, or listen to music.
After seeing my step dads I’ll probably get the best one I can for a good deal, unless the newer pad type things get way cheaper and easy to carry.


An iPad would be great to use around the house when you don’t want to go sit in front of your PC and need to check email, browse the web a little and maybe even stream Netflix or something.

I know if I had one it would get used by me and family for such things . . . nothing to serious.