Best Buy worker mocks Android-iPhone debate, gets fired



Best Buy worker mocks Android-iPhone debate, gets fired.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Note to Best Buy employees: Don't post humorous technology videos to the Internet, even if they don't mention Best Buy, because they could land you a pink slip.

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Absolutely absurd. BB has no ground or right whatsoever to do this based on what his guy posts online in his personal life if it’s anonymous and no mention of BB. Ridiculous.


Best Buy … Founded in 1984 … and it’s still 1984 …


I found the “I don’t care” bit to be hilarious!


[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2530035]I found the “I don’t care” bit to be hilarious![/QUOTE]
I actually translate that as “I don’t understand” …


Funny as I just got into a verbal argument with a Best Buy Employee as he said Pioneer is the leading developer to create 3-D T.V’s and that all other vendors buy their parts from Pioneer. I called his bluff and he couldn’t backup his claim and I could.


Well I will be cutting up my Bestbuy credit card and shipping the pieces back to them. Really Bestbuy? Your suits have nothing better to do? Looks like Fry’s will be getting my business from here on out. You’re blowing it Bestbuy, just look at how much I spend there a year.


What the hell happened to That was an awesome site! I heard that BestBuy bought it. Has their been another anti BestBuy site that popped up?


This is insane. This makes no sense. He was on his on time. Why does BB care what’s going on?


I smell a lawsuit against best buy.


i can see him walking away with a six figure severance package, all he has to do is call the family lawyer.