Best Buy will be matching online prices from now on

Best Buy had a temporary policy of matching online prices for the holiday season, but they’ve just made it full time. They will match prices for other local brick and mortar stores, and for 19 online sites, including Amazon and Newegg.

Doesn’t cover smartphone purchases however.

Until they go out of business. Best Buy is in a downward spiral, and just recently got aggressive on price matching. They barely broke even on earnings in the holiday season… compared to a loss.

Well they have to do something or everyone just looks there to get a idea of what they’re looking for is really like then buys online once they decide they like it to save money.
I like to shop local when I can, even if it’s a bit higher priced so I can get it now, plus it’s easier to return or get replaced if it’s bad. Too bad Circuit City went down in flames to keep some competition going as that seems to be the only thing that keeps prices in check.
BB was dumb enough to have one price in store,higher, then another lower price online and unless you brought a printout they wouldn’t just automatically give you the best price :rolleyes:
I of course would just bring a printout to customer service if I later found out it was cheaper and they would match it no problem but it’s really trolling customer pockets to not just give the best deal up front and that tends to alienate a customer and they’ll just go somewhere else.
I don’t hate Best Buy like some folks do but I watch the ads and online prices and when they have a deal I buy from them, plus my local store seems to be willing to work with you on a price match or problem but it kinda depends on who’s running your store.
I hope they survive, I’ve gotten some good deals before and they do have good prices on demos and returns that work from time to time.

If BB has it and Fry’s has it on sale I will go to BB and get the item. The Otay store in Chula Juna has always been good with price matching.

I’m expecting an Amazon and/or Google store to take BB’s place… IMO, they’ve alienated too many customers over the years and this last ditch effort to match 18 online etailers doesn’t do much… as all of these etailers have more or less agreed what they’re going to charge on prices of mainstream items these days and you can’t get a decent “exceptional” deal from ANY of them, NewEgg inclusive! This is what they’ve been fighting for along the sales tax fight… So, why should it be an advatage to the consumer to buy from any of these 18??? Educate yourself first, then shop as buyer beware that your gettting gouged (ok, maybe not gouged, but unreasonably overcharged) whichever of the 18 or so etailers you pick for mainstream items, electronics or otherwise.

BB closed a few stores in Canada already:

I can confirm the local BB in New Westminster, B.C. has been closed for over a month now.

TMC’s comment about fighting the sales-tax is what I think is a big reason for e-shopping.

Of course, many folks then turn around and complain about RMAs and paying for shipping.

Well… it’s one or the other. Pay sales-tax locally and RMAs and Returning Shipping costs are - uh - ZERO!!!

Sales tax is one thing. Not getting price raped when I want to buy a 6 ft Ethernet cord or HDMI cable is another. And sadly, they rarely have quality merchandise in areas where I’d rather buy from a B&M store, like monitors. To top it off their customer service is pretty lacking. In fact the last time I went to a Best Buy, I wanted to try out a Blackberry tablet that was on sale. They had one hooked up to the display kiosk. But it wasn’t working. And both of the Best Buy people I talked to shrugged their shoulders and said, yeah it doesn’t work.

Also, I used to talk to a guy that used worked at Best Buy and those guys didn’t give a crap about the things they unloaded from the trucks. That’s not to say that online sellers always package things well. Newegg has let me down with their packaging of PSU’s.

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