Best Buy wants to track you

I was at Best Buy today buying “Tripping The Rift” on DVD when the cashier asked for my phone number. Since I was paying with cash I asked why. She told me that they would use it to track my purchases. I smiled and said “I don’t think so.” I guess Best Buy really wants to identify those customers who only buy sale merchandise.

Absolutely correct. This is NOT one of those cases where one is paranoid. My neighbor, who works as one of their marketing project managers, has confirmed that BB is very interested in identifying “less profitable” customers.

This is not really a surprise as all stores want to make a profit and most of them are tracking and identifying their best customers and working on moving into new markets.

simple fix…they’ve been asking for my # for a few years now and all i do is say…"ive forgot it(cause i never call myself)…"they usually enter a BB number if you dont have yours…or i just give them a dummy number from my area…makes no difference…

Don’t forget that the Federal Do Not Call restrictions don’t apply if you have “an existing business relationship”. So by giving your phone number you allow them to call you even if your number is on the National Do No Call list. Depending on my mood I either just say “No”, or give them “[my area code]-555-1212”.

Note: they (and many other stores) will also ask for a phone number when you’re paying with credit or debit card. They will ask it while looking at the card, or right after swiping it, giving the false impression :a they need the phone number to “validate” the credit card. This is not true. Again: either just refuse, or give the 555-1212 number.


You could always ask for theirs instead? :slight_smile:

… I wonder what they do once they’ve identified the “less profitable customers”. Do they have any links to organized crime? Will the CD-Freak membership soon be greeted by Vinnie and his tire iron in the near future?