Best Buy Verbatim 8x 10 pack $1.99

Just found at my BB that they have 10 packs of verbatim 8x(closeout) for $1.99.It may only be in my area but you might want to check anyway.I think that’s about 20 cents a piece.That’s a deal

Great deal. Thanks for the tip!

I paid $30 for my first 10-pack of those at Best Buy when they first came out about 9 months ago. I only bought 1 pack at that price, but I just had to try some 8x media.

If only the double layer prices would drop this fast…

Yeah I thought that would open up some eyes.It did mine.The cool thing is that there’s no limit to how many pax you can buy.
I know the feeling about spending the $$$$$$ just to try out some media.I did it for 4x media a loooong time ago.DL media better come down in march when DVD -DL comes out.

Couldn’t locate any at the local BB. Were those 10 pack located near the 50 pack splindle. Any BB part number? I take it that these come in a round tub?

Nosmartz > Are these the ones? >

they were these here.The price label was $1.99 “clearance” at the store.There are about 12 packs at my BB.These were on the bottom shelf next to others that were in those box packs.Spindles were up on the top shelves.I think you have to take into account that the BB in my area isn’t exactly a hoppin place for Dvd media sales or dvd burners.I’m sure they have to get rid of these things somehow so they stick em on the bottom shelf.This place mainly sells a lot of movies and music.That BB area over there isn’t,how to say politely,“well off” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One of my local BB stores had these on clearance for $2.99 but they only had three packs, which I happily took off their hands.

quick hands.

Oh well…no luck here. All 25/50/100 tub. Thanks for the pic.

And another time I wish I had a Best Buy local to me. sigh I can’t see paying for shipping and tax even when media is on sale for $19.99 a spindle - especially since you don’t know what you are going to get (example is the Fuji Film 50 pack deals they seem to have quite frequently).

Sorry ya’ll can’t find that stuff guys.I guess it’s just local here in Dallas.Think I might grab a pack or 2 today.I don’t ever order media online.There’s always a sale around here every weekend for some media.I’m kickin myself over what I didn’t get about a month ago.BB had a sale on Verbatim 16x for $16.99 for a 25 pack.Considering that’s the only 16x media I’ve seen,I thought that was a deal.

When the 8x Verbatims are on sale, you know what you’re going to get. MCC003 for +R, MCC02RG20 for -R.

I posted more than a month ago when it was $4.99.
When it reached $3.99, all the packs were gone in my local BB. Good for you who still get it for $1.99!

Just left my local Best Buy here in Florida, USA and there are no such media to be found on the shelves.
I guess they blew through their inventory.

Got some.I only got 4 pax.I didn’t wanna be too greedy.4(10 per pack) pax for $8.65.They were $1.99 clearance items.
MID- MCC 003

But those are empty packs? :bigsmile:

One of the packs of those I got had discs with mixed serials.

I’ll check em and see if the serials are copasetic.

I broke em open and put em on a 50 pack spindle.

That’s what I did, makes em seem more “legit” or something :slight_smile: