Best Buy: Verbatim 25pk 16x DVD-+R $11.99

Verbatim 25pk 16x DVD-+R $11.99

Memorex 50pk 8x DVD-R $19.99

EDIT: offer good from 4/17/05 - 4/23/05


My Staples has these and you can price match them for 10% more off price.

You own a Staples? Cool.

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Yeah i own all of them. Does this look familiar >

Glad to see that you haven’t lost your sense of humor. And you’re quick at editing.

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Can you tell us a little about these 16x Verbatims, esp. the -Rs? Are they actual Verbatim manufactured, or CMCs, etc?


I don’t know about the -R’s, but I just bought some +R’s, and they’re MCC 004

I bought a pack of -R today, and the first disc burned wonderfully. The scan is here:

Any quality scans with the Verbatim DVD+R 16x? I’m interested on how they perform with my BenQ 1620.

Nice -R scan! My LG GSA-4163B should be here Tuesday/Wednesday

I bought some -R and +R verbatim 16x at BB yesterday.

rack04: I have burned MANY Verbatim 16X DVD+R’s on my Benq 1620.
For the most part they burn great BUT for the price the Fuji (made in Japan TY’s) are better, if you get them on sale at BB for $19.99 50 spindle.


I usually stick with the Fugi TY02 with great results, but my stock is low and the Verbatim is on sale.

Here is a scan of a Verbatim 16x +R, MCC004, burnt at 16x on my Benq 1620, along with a transfer rate test.

On edit, the scan is already posted in this thread:

Thanks for the scans, guys. Those Verbatim 16x discs look like darn good discs to buy when the TY02’s packaged as TDK/Fuji aren’t on sale.

Circuit City has the same spindles for $34.99. i pricematched (110% of the diff) and ended up getting 2 spindles at Circuit City for $9.69 each. the deal just gets sweeter :wink:


Did you show them anything like your avatar to get that deal? :wink:

My guess would be that they are the same as other verbatiums. Made in singapore are the only ones actually made by mitsubishi. made in Tiwan are cmc, made in India are Moser baer but they all have mcc media codes and are made under contract for mitsubishi using thier dye, manufacturing processes and quality control etc.

ha…didn’t need to…i charmed them with my printouts (printed out in the circuit city store of all places).

besides, my avatar’s for CDFreaks only.

@ripit…based on what Two Degrees has posted…all 16X rated Verbs are CMC made. slower speeds/different product lines (i.e. pastels, etc.) could be Mitsubishi (MIS), CMC or Prodisc (MIT), TY (MIJ) or MB (MII).

Just bought my Verb’s with a pricematch at Circuit City Brooklyn NY $21.08 for 2 packs and they are MIT with code MCC 004 not a bad deal.

sodeysay, did they look at you funny when you showed them the $11.99 price versus their $34.99 price? they thought i was trying to scam them cause of the huge difference.

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