BEST BUY Verbatim 10-Pack DVD+R DL

Another chance to get these as cheap as I have seen recently.

$19.99 plus shipping or free in-store pick-up


The price of these media will probably be coming down. These sales IMO are a precursor to lower DL prices.

I was just in the BestBuy in Holmdel NJ and they have plenty. I really have no use for them at 2.00 a piece but for those who do, I think they will have plenty.

Sat. I was in the BB on Rt. 9. The shelves were busting out with media looking like they were readying for today’s sales. Plenty of Verb DLs.

For some reason, I think because of the vast competition all the NJ electronics stores get the best variety of media.

Web page says SOLD OUT. Interesting thing is, the “normal” price is now just $34.95! Seems the days of totally over-priced DL media are finally over. :clap:

Even Wal-Mart has reduced their price on the 3 pack to $11.88.


On-line home delivery still in-stock. Possible out-of-stock for certain local in-store pickups.

I also noticed thier new regular price.

I have decided not to buy anymore at this time because I believe with 2 major holidays coming up we will see an even better sale, maybe $14.95 for a 10 pack, between now and January.


You might see 50-pack cake boxes sooner than ya thought, too. :iagree:

They exist but not often to end users. Those jewel cases cost too little compared to bulk Verbatim DL disks so it probably makes more business sense to sell only jewel case DL packs.

Damn, went down to my local BB and they were out of stock. :frowning:

do they give rainchecks?

you could just bring the BB ad to a place that does have them in stock and get them to price match. most of the time, they don’t bother calling to see if the other store actually has the item. plus you’d save a couple bucks since most places pricematch 110%