Best Buy to shutter 50 superstores & open 100 small shops



Best Buy to shutter 50 superstores & open 100 small shops.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Best Buy announced on Thursday that it plans to axe 50 U.S. stores, lay off 400 employees and slash $250 million in overall spending by 2013. The drastic measures follow a less-than-exceptional fourth quarter performance report for the retail giant -- one more sign that big box stores may be fast approaching their twilight years.

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I’ve been to a best buy like 2 times in my life it’s very expensive I avoid this store.


[QUOTE=SilverHedge42;2628072]I’ve been to a best buy like 2 times in my life it’s very expensive I avoid this store.[/QUOTE]

Actually, just last week, I got an amazing deal on a new laptop. Asus Core i5, 4gb RAM, 15.6" screen, 500gb HD for about $450. I, then, bought an extra 8gb RAM for about $50 more. All in all, I feel like I cheated them.


What big box retailers (not just BB, but Walmart, & Target too) have contacted major manufacturers and told them point-blank that they are tired of getting killed on wholesale to retail pricing for brick and mortar stores and serve ONLY as a showroom for consumers to “WINDOW-SHOP” and then place their orders online. Their solution is to force e-commerce sites and wholesalers to RAISE their prices too so that consumers have to pay higher prices no matter where they buy products from. If you think this is JUST going to happen in the ELECTRONICS product lines, your sadly mistaken… you will see a de-facto TAX on the wholesale to retail markup on hundreds of thousands of products across the board!!!

Nevertheless, I dont’ see why they can’t leverage online ordering as a local warehouse distribution system… Walmart’s stuck their toes in these waters from time to time and even Target’s made an effort to try it. Nevertheless, as gas prices rise this summer, there’s really no way people will even want to step foot in a store this summer let alone buy anything at sky-high prices. Leading to the chicken and the egg problem. If you jack up prices, will anybody be willing to spend $5/gallon+ on gasoline to go out & buy?!? probably not. As it is, when it’s grocery shopping day, I make a stop on my way back from work so it’s not really out of my way. I also stocked up in march, because in April - September we see massive inflation of consumer goods due to high gas prices.


I’ve gotten some smokin deals from Best Buy and Circuit City when they were around. If you watch for their deals and also shop the open box/ returned stuff sometimes it’s so cheap it’s worth a risk and a missing remote.
I also got 5 car HD radios in early 2008 for 25 to 30 each brand new when one of the semi close Best Buy store decided they weren’t selling fast enough and discontinued them and fire sale’d their stock.
I still use it today in my car and my Mom and step dad and sister have one each too.
If you watch the sales and the deal sites you can find some stupid price deals just about anywhere.