Best Buy to sell guitars, treadmills?

I just posted the article Best Buy to sell guitars, treadmills?.

Musical instruments and exercise equipment may be in Best Buy’s future, according to one analyst who spoke with the chain’s management.

Credit Suisse retail analyst Gary Balter wrote in a research…

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They already sell guitars just not treadmills which I would think can only hurt them considering there are a lot of places that can keep in competition with what Best Buy prices stuff at.

(sorry ment to say Musical Instruments saying just guitars can apply to those crappy $100 one’s they always sold or to the crappy guitar hero guitars.)

Lol…of course they are gonna sell treadmills now. Now they can claim they aren’t the cause of obesity by causing people to be lazy by sitting all day in front of that brand new TV they bought. Next time you go to the register to buy a TV, they will push that treadmill purchase to go along w/ it, lol.

Looking on the bright side. You can always watch TV while exercising on the thread-mill.

Or do an authentic lead guitar break on Iron Maiden’s “Run to the hills”.:flower:

Geek Squad taking a more prominent role??? What they haven’t stolen enough information off of peoples PC’s yet??? And half those damn high-school students can’t even answer a simple question without asking at least two other people or direct you to purchase expensive equipment/accessories you don’t need… pitiful. I can not tell you the number of people I have helped in that store as a customer AFTER they were “assisted” by GS. The ONLY reason I go to BB is to make a purchase (if I just CAN’T wait for something to be shipped from an online purchase) and good luck if they are going to cut back on their already meager selection of merchandise.

Is Best Buy hurting? Best Buy must have data that shows it has not reacted very well to the recession. However, spending a lot of money on store remodels to increase business looks like a very risky adventure. It will be interesting to see if their prices rise to cover these remodels. How much more can they charge for their expensive Geek Squad services?

can you see the Geek squad walking down the isles and grabing customers by the ankles to shake out the money? :slight_smile: sorry I can’t get the image out of my mind

Most of those little shits are half my height, like to see them try… lol!