Best Buy: TDK and Fuji DVD Media on Sale

Perhaps you ought to verify you do in fact have TY’s and not some fakes that you are basing your statement on. To check if they are authentic look on the burn side, close to where the clear plastic begins, it should indicate TG001133 (Fuji’s) or TG001034 (bought from or something similar. The letters are in gold and you have to look carefully under good light or you’ll miss it. Let us know if you do see these identifying marks.

They were the real thing–TY Fujis that I bought at Best Buy. This was a few months ago, and at the time, a lot of people on this forum were having the same problem. Less than great burns, spotting on the outer burn area, etc etc.

I haven’t heard anything about the spotting recently here, but people still seem to not quite be getting the burn quality they used to from TY.

Yes I remember the discussion about it. Serial number 11??.

The last time they had the 50 cake packs I got got some +R’s 1158 serial number (I still have an unopened one left) and they burned great.

I’m surprised to hear that they were genuine and you had problems. I can only say the 50 Fuji’s with the 1133 serial and the 50 from Rima with the 1034 serial I burned, did so flawlessly, not a coaster out of the 100.

Echo that, I’m 3/4 the way thru a 100 pk of Fuji TY’s from BB without a single coaster. I’d buy them again in a sec. at that $39.99 price. :iagree:

Look closely at the Fuji +R discs before you buy them. The ad say they are 2.4X.

Just picked up 4 spindles (50 ea.) of the TDK DVD-R MIJ at Best Buy in Delaware. Ah, no tax and TYG02 media for $19.99! Awesome media. I did have to weed through the other spindles of MIT media, but there were still a bunch of MIJ let over.

Unfortunately there WILL be quality variation among batches. Currently I have an open spindle of 50pack Sony T02 that I keep only for drive testing (if new firmware is out). This spindle of T02 with TG001133 makes beautiful scans @16x. On the other hand, I just finished off 2 x 25pack Fuji T02 (from January purchases) also with TG001133 and they are not as good @16x as the Sony T02. The first disk I test produced high PIE/PIF spikes at the end. I’m not saying all the Fuji T02 is bad, because my previous Fuji T02s are OK. If I found not-so-good batches, I just burn them @12x max.

Thanks for the info bro! I do plan on getting a new printer soon so that I can print directly to disc, in the meantime I will just print cover inserts for the DVD cases then print the disc as soon as I can afford my new printer. I have had my experiences with paper labels and you are 100% right, you are only asking for trouble.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Just bought a spindle of the Fugi +R. The package said made in Japan. the media code is Yuden 000T02. After putting on my binoculars I was finally able to recognize TG001133 on the inner ring. Are these good? TIA

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Fujis. But they did have a stretch there where they had serious problems. But I still buy’em up when they go on sale. Normally, they’re fantastic. But I’m not going to play around with rebates when the TDKs I’ve tested are just as good.

Oh, and regarding the ads where they show pictures of the 2.4x media. They don’t carry any of that stuff anymore. All it is is that they haven’t gone to the trouble of updating the pictures of the media. They only carry one speed of most brands of media (for Fujis and TDKs, 8x), and that’s what’s on sale. So don’t worry about it.

the issues with Fuji TY about 3 or 4 months ago weren’t “serious” by any means. perhaps they didn’t burn that well @ 16x but you have to realize they’re 8x rated media and overspeeding by 2X you’re never guaranteed a good burn. i’ve gone through several 25pk spindles of Fuji +R TY (have some left) and yes there’s spotting on the outer edge of some, but if i burn them at 8x they’re still better than any other media i’ve tried. asking for a 99 quality score 16x burn on 8x rated media is unreasonable. so the “crap this” and “crap that” is very unjustified IMHO.

Heres a screen shot of fuji TG001133 i just got at bb. Burned at 8x with my liteon 1673. Also keep in mind that my box is older p3 1ghz fsb 100, 512meg of ram.

I walked into compusa today (may 1), tdk on sale 50 dvd + or - 8x on sale for $19.99. The + were all MIT whereas all the DVD-R were MIJ. Didn’t get any because I’m stocked up with -R and needed some +R’s.

Are the -R guarenteed to be TYG02?

If made in Japan and comes with the TY cakebox, yes its TYG02.

I’ve heard about the TY cakebox, but does anyone have a picture of what it really looks like? Can I be certain that if they’re MIJ, then they’re TY?

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These are the famous TY cakebox, and must show Made in Japan in the box. (SEE IMAGE BELOW)

Here is the TDK package (for those who are still confused). Look for the words “Made in Japan” located above the UPC. :iagree:

I routinely pay 7 bucks a 25 pack for DVD +/-R TDKs the past 3 or 4 months. (Bought like 6 spindles on 4 occaisions).
CIRCUIT CITY has the 7 dollar special blowout sale in their sunday edition fopldout fairly often, but its always only limited to supply on-hand per store(No rainchecks, when shelf is empty, so is sale). However, since BestBuy and Frys will match any walk-in competitors price…I dont even GO to Circuit City…I just get the ads and go straight to bestbuy (WHich is 2 blocks away) and they have ALWAYS matched it without batting an eyelash. I have 2 spools each of + and -, and have given several to friends who gladly paid me 10 bucks a spool because the retail proce is double that.
If Im gonna shop local pickup media…circuit city has some really awesome blowout sales. (As cheap as 4.95 for branded 25, or 3.95 for no-namers). NOTE: Some of these sales ARE in fact unpublished, gotta go to the store to find out about it. but the ones on name-brand discs are always published…and therefore matchable.