Best Buy: TDK and Fuji DVD Media on Sale

TDK 50-Pack 8x DVD-R or DVD+R Disks $19.99 each after instant rebate.

Fujifilm 25-Pack DVD-R or DVD+R Disks $9.99 each after instant “AND” mail in rebate.
Regular price $19.99, $5 instant off and $5 mail in rebate, this sucks IMO :a


Have you gotten any of these if so what are the MID codes? I like the fuji deal but Ill stay away because the MIR

No I haven’t yet, I may get some TDK’s later in the week.

I wanted some Fuji -r’s but the damn MIR forget it.

I hope the TDK’s are MIJ. The MIJ’s I picked up at CUSA were great. Earlier this week I dropped by a local BB and saw them stocked up with TDK MIT’s - not a MIJ in sight :a

Damn the mail in rebates! I have been out of media for almost 2 weeks waiting for Best Buy to put the Fuji’s on sale again. I guess I am going to have to start ordering my discs online. Any good suggestions for TY DVD+Rs online?

Any good suggestions for TY DVD+Rs online?

Yeah. go to, good reliable company and you won’t get screwed with fakes.
Here’s the link 100 for 43.00 8X’s DVD+, plus shipping.

Thanks Bro! They are on the way! :iagree:

Good move, you won’t be disappointed with the media.

:iagree: I cant wait to try them out!

All the TDKs at Best Buy are MIT CMCs. However, I don’t know what the hell CMC did, but their 8x TDK media burns fantastic, better than Fuji’s TY02s do. There’s been talk elsewhere on the board about the jump in quality from CMC–apparently they’re using Philips dye, which, from what I understand, is pretty good quality. Maybe the manufacturers were catching hell about the garbage 4x CMCs and told the manufacturer to get it together.

If Best Buy wants to play games with their Fuji media, screw’em. TY is making garbage now anyways.

I gotta try these. Although my TY have been amazing quality personally, I get amazing burn quality off them. Will post tomorrow if possible, if I got these that is.


Now you’ve done it! I had made peace with the fact that there wouldn’t be any TY on sale tommorrow w/o MIR. With your findings, I’m just gonna have to go out and try some TDK MIT. Which did you use - or +??



I just looked at the site again and realized the ones listed are printable media, they usually cost more. If I may suggest that after you burn them don’t use a sharpie to write on them. If down the road you decide to get a printer that can print labels directly to the media, you will be able to do so and can find
them here:

If you have no intentions of getting such a printer then go ahead and write on them. Under no circumstances put paper labels on them, you’re only asking for trouble.

In my local bestbuy, there are some TDK that is TY T02. I still have 4x50pack unopened fuji ty and 2x50pack tdk ty… plus hundreds other mids… argh… gotta control myself… [I havent buy any media in the past 2 months]

Were they + or-, only TDK’s I ever saw in Best Buy for DVD+ were made in Taiwan, same goes for Circuit City. I only use + media for bitsetting purposes.

Might have to put my rummaging clothes on and scavenge through the cases.

usually there are some MIJ TDK spindles scattered around, but most of the time in the form of 100pks which never go on sale (the TDK ones) and are a whopping $79.99. i’m in the same boat zevia but it hasn’t even been 2 months since my last media purchase…must control self…must save for another burner…must not go to Best Buy this week…

And you’re basing this statement on what facts exactly…?

A few of you warn against MIR media, where is “R”? :confused:

Best Buy isn’t “playing games”, they order stock and get whatever Fuji (or whomever) sends them, same as any other store. And feel free to send me any of your garbage TY’s, as long as they’re not conterfeit. You can’t blame TY if some unscrupulous company illegally uses their MID.

MIR is Mail In Rebate, I avoid them like the plague. Show me da money upfront, or my butt is out the door.