Best Buy takes HD DVD's hope away?



I just posted the article Best Buy takes HD DVD’s hope away?.

After Netflix started this week with bad news for the HD DVD Group, now also Best Buy comes with horrifying news for the nearly surviving format. Starting next month Best Buy says it will prominently…

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More drivel from the local BD fanboy. BestBuy has been doing this for a long time, so it’s not a change in policy.


I personally don’t care which format wins. If it’s going to take the death of HD-DVD to finally bring this to an end and stop all the confusion, so be it. It’s just too bad that Sony’s part of Blu-ray. Man, I hate them! I’d like to know how much money they had to pay both Netflix and Best Buy to make this move.


“With this not being enough, the megastore announces that they will recommend Blu-ray to all its customers.” Isn’t this just confirmation of what we knew Best Buy has been doing all along?


“Do you think that HD DVD is going to throw in the towl?” What the heck is a towl? :confused: sarcasm I just love the Blu-Ray push here at CDFreaks… Shame they wont publish a story I submitted about the real reason Warner Studios went to Blu-Ray… About 520 million reasons… :frowning: Keep believing that Sony has your best interests in mind with Blu-Ray… :r
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@ Hypnosis also from 2nd link Um hate to break it to you but you copied an article off a mac site that is known for trolling, whose only article of support (from Business Week) doesn’t say what they are stating One source reported that Toshiba had offered to pay more than $100 million, while Sony bid closer to $400 million. But Meyer denied there was a bidding war and said Warner instead looked solely at global sales of both formats in making its decision. “The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger,” he said. and 8 days before this article was written numerous sources proved this story false. For some reason Gizmod was just really late in printing this ‘article’ that seems to have no basis. I don’t have a vested interest in this, but seriously if we’re going to put up news, we might want it news worthy not internet tabloidy. :B


@ Dustmite I like the cut of your jib. $ony sucks. @ Hypnosis4U2NV $ony has the consumers’ best interests in mind like the Colonel has for the chickens.


Who thought Bestbuy sold anything of quality anyways? Ever since I bought a Sony Tv and a Gateway monitor -that were both bought at Best Buy- they both broke in less than 4 months of purchase, The monitor broke 16 days after purchase and I had to raise hell since they have a 14 day return policy on monitors, go figure. I refuse to buy anything from Bestbuy anymore. They sell cheap electronics at inflated prices. And, don’t even get me started on the hassles they have given me and my wife in the past on returns or even getting a employee to help you with something. The internet is rampant with Bestbuy horror stories. Please by all means, do yourself a favor and read some of them.


does this really matter…since online stores sells most of the players and movies anyway


Quality wise, I think hd-dvd and bluray are pretty good. The fact that sony keeps upgrading the bluray specs is annoying, and so you pretty much need to buy a ps3 to be future proof. Also hd-dvd’s are region free which i think was cool. However i’m still pretty impartial… regardless of which format is superior, you’re going to have serious issues if only 30 percent of movies can come out on your format, no matter, what sales, prices etc… if people can’t buy movies for the thing, its going to die out. so hd-dvd either needs to find a way to get some studios back on board, or I think thats it. The superiority of either product is a moot point, if the majority of moves are only being released on bluray.


Well I’ll buy a BR Player when they sell for $99 JohnnyJT :X South Philly


Good, HD DVD really needs to die RIGHT NOW.


I love how the PS3 owners all chime in… BTW: Sony makes money for the PS3 hardware by inflating the game prices and its actually the same with Xbox360 also… If Sony pays out over 1 billion dollars to buy everyone else out before this war officially ends, how do you think your going to pay them back for that privledge to watch Blu-Ray?? $30+ a movie is not such a bargain fellas… :r Sony Greed!
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