Best Buy sale on D/L Verbatim for the week of 1/21/07



For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the next D/L Verbatim sale, the wait is over. BB will have the D/L Verbatim 2.4x official rated DVD+R on sale for $30 (pack of 20). Be sure to use the 12% off coupon that is currently out there to get these even cheaper. :wink:


That sounds good. I will not buy Verbatim with rebates as they screwed over me twice. One time Verbatim returned the evellope unopenned stating there was not enough postage. The postwoman said there was enough and it was Verbatim who refused the request. I forgot why the other was not paid, so I just use SL TYs until price comes down and no rebate required.



will this sale start next sunday? ie the 21st
and if so where can one get the 12% coupon valid on that date


Yeah, it starts on the 21st. Unfortunately I can’t find the coupon code for that date. I will keep looking though.


Any luck finding the coupon, Jesterrace? :slight_smile:


the 12% coupon should be in your mail if you’re a Reward Zone member. Otherwise you can check out another forum.


thanks much for the notice on this. wish they would not exclude Bose just for one time. sheeesh. cant find a deal on them for nothing. thanks tho.


I think that’s just a sign to look at something else than Bose :wink:



Something way better and way cheaper :wink:


No highs, no lows… Must be Bose :slight_smile:


nahh… not a sign to look at something else other than Bose. I will get Bose one way or another. was just hoping to catch like 10% off or something. is all good…


Why the fascination with Bose?


OT (sorry, just hate to see people wast money Bose):

Its a status or image thing. If you are in it to impress your unenlightened friends, you get Bose. If you are in it for really great sound, you avoid Bose.

If you are really serious about sound quality, check out this forum:


Actually, it is Bose itself who’s screwing the retailers (and thus the buyer/consumers). You see, Bose requires its authorized resellers to charge the full list price (MSRP) at ALL TIMES, with no discounting at all whatsoever at any time. And a reseller which discounts Bose products by any significant amount runs the risk of having that brand yanked from the shelves.

Back on topic:

I just picked up one of those 20-packs of Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL discs. For now, the cakeboxes (which are typical of cakeboxes used to house CMC-made discs) still say MIS instead of MIT or MII on them.


They have all been MIS for quite some time (at least the D/L media has).


This is the best sales price so far for high quality of Verbatim DL disc plus taking %12 off of the sale price makes it more attractive.


Sorry for the OT too :

I am an audiophile myself although I only have miserable computer speakers , I am planning to get high end heatre system when I get married and leave my parents’s appartment (I wish :bigsmile: ) . For the past 4 years I’ve been reading about speakers and always thought BOSE was one of the best only because of the price :eek: , stupid me :doh:
I’ve found an informative article about BOSE written by a former employee in BOSE that sheds light on sound quality and tricks BOSE does to sell their sub par products for premium prices .

I am not trying to bash BOSE here , I am just a poor Egyptian living in the other side of the world with 300$ computer speakers (bought back in 2000) :bigsmile:

But I hate when such companies ripping people off “badly” :wink:

Back to topic :

I’ve NEVER used DL discs and I don’t think I am gonna need them but if it is really that good of a deal then why not ?!

I just want to know how to get that 10% off coupon (12% is for premium zone members which is outta reach) , should my friend in NY print the coupon ? (he has no printer :bigsmile: ) , is the actual coupon available in stores ?


More OT:

When it comes to speakers you really can’t compete with building them yourself. A buddy of mine and I but a couple of pair of these…

We have about $400 per pair into them and there isn’t anything that’ll touch them anywhere near that price range. Of course it took us about 6 weeks to put them together working twice a week but it was a lot of fun and we had a terrific sense of accomplishment. No subwoofer needed with these either. They really have a lot of punch with the right amp.


Even though this is off subject, those are some sweet speakers. I would love to hear them!
By the way I have the Companion 3 set of speakers for my PC and I love them. I have not read the other posts that refer to Bose and the fact that they are over priced yet. Looking to be enlightened!
I was in the store comparing them to set of seakers $100 less and asked a shopper which ones he thought sounded better. He also said the Bose without knowing the brand.


Great idea. I think I will try it. Give me something to do while waiting for warmer weather.

Back to the topic. The last 20 pack of Verbatims I purchased from BB did not work for me at all. I’ve never had issues with DL before this. Everyone I burned had problems after the layer break. I never got around to determining if it was the media or something on my computer and I haven’t tried a new one since.