Best Buy prices

Does anyone know what’s up with the price hike on blank media from Best Buy?

Their sale prices suck now. Before I could get a 20pk. of Verbatim DL’s for $29.99 on sale. Now those SAME disc’s on sale go for$51.29 and 50pk. of DVD+R’s $12.99 on sale to $16.99.

Sounds pretty crappy lol. I know that here in Australia, we get the same thing all the time.

One day you can find a media @ say $18 per 50, two weeks later they advertise that it’s on sale but for like $25. I’d say it’s just better to wait until the prices are where you want them, then buy a few packs to stock up until next sale :slight_smile:

I’ve plain given up on Best Buy media. I don’t know whether they store their cakeboxes in the sun or play hockey with them after hours, but I’m generally disappointed with the stuff I buy there.

  1. The DL Verbies aren’t really on sale. Those price reductions of only a few dollars don’t really count. It’s just a way to categorize things in their system, but that’s not a real sale so ignore it. The best deal on MKMs is to find the Sony MIS packs. When those go on sale, you can usually beat the $1 per disk barrier with the use of a coupon.

  2. The $16.99 price on the SL Verbies probably means that they’ve gotten a truckload of Neo-Verbies in, and this is their initial pricing scheme. Notice that at OM, the Neo-Verbs are often regularly priced at $16.99, so I think that price is something that comes down from Mitsubishi. I’ll bet that if you visit your local BB, a whole bunch of neo-verbies will be on the shelves where there were none before.


Did Neo take the red pill or the blue pill? :smiley:

In other words: Do you mean Made in India Verbatims?

Neo-Verbies” is the colloquial term I use to refer to Verbatim media with the new packaging and face design.

Thought so ;)…and that’s pretty good, “Neo-Verbies”. :bigsmile:

You watch, that phrase will pop up all over the forum now, just like “Verbies” has done :wink:

I’ve seen plenty mention of “Neo-Verbies” [or “Neo-Verbatim”] in a few spots on the forum, and not all references to them as such were by negritude. :wink:

I am beginning to think I am the only one who actually has decent results with media from Best Buy. Their prices don’t seem to hurt me too much, since I only use the good stuff for the good occassions. Just a few more points on my Reward Zone card. :bigsmile:

[I’ve yet to try Neo-Verbs, as well. It’s only compounded by the fact that I’ve had MCC 03RG20 twice, MCC 003 twice, but not a single speck of MCC 004.]

I’ve yet to try the Neo-Verbies (:bigsmile: )…they haven’t shown up in any of my regular B&M haunts yet. :sad:

I knew once Arachne got hold of the term it would be “neo-verbies.” :doh:

I think you are, too. :bigsmile: My worst Verb spindle ever came from BB. And the second worst. And the third worst…

I also think it is because I never buy MCC 004, and I only sporadically buy the spindle of MCC 03RG20 that looks best from the outside. :doh: You should see me cling to this last lone MCC 03RG20. It’s amazing, both in quality and in that I haven’t burned it yet.

But, TBT, I have always had good luck with media [except RITEKG05…but it was mostly test media.]. No matter from where, it has always been good. Go figure. :bigsmile:

/me blows raspberry @ tropic

Admit it, it’s cute :bigsmile:…and negritude mentioned the term first in this thread, so nyah :wink:

Yeah, it’s cute. :slight_smile: If Hello Kitty were to introduce a line of recordable DVD media I would be the first in line. Neko-Verbies = WIN!

LOOOOL! :bigsmile:

Its not just Verbatim they seem to have raised the prices on everything. TDK dual layers retailed somewhere between $52.99-53.99. Now they retail at $58.99

Hello Kitty CD-Rs do exist, but sadly, apparently only in Taiwan. :stuck_out_tongue:


(And maybe Japan as well, since they’re usually first with that stuff :p)

I want some! :iagree:

Wouldn’t Hello Evil Kitty media be more your style? :bigsmile:

Ah, who’s quibbling over one little word, I can live with plain Hello Kitty if need be :bigsmile:

And…we got to Hello Kitty…HOW, exactly??? :bigsmile:

It makes me a bit sad to know that Best Buy’s prices are going up…

…but then, the Circuit City nearby has much of the same stuff for lower prices, believe it or not. :eek:

[It even has Panasonic 16x DVD-R…which no where else around my area has. And Maxell Pro Gold CD-R. Which, again, no where else has.]