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The people who shop at Best Buy are embracing Blu-ray more than those who shop at Amazon, Walmart or any other retailer, this according to a study of research firm NPD. Best Buy holds the…

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Circuit City > Best Buy


Unbelievable. It seems like most of Best Buy’s Blu-rays are $25 or $30, so I’ll get one there occasionally if it’s a movie I want to get THAT NIGHT to watch with friends. Otherwise, definitely go with Amazon or Deep Discount - wider selection and occasional BOGO sales. Even Wal-Mart (in-store) will save you a few bucks.


Future Shop > Best Buy


I’m in Canada, and both future shop and best buy are fairly expensive for blu-rays. I tend to do all my ordering online, usually from amazon.com and a rather larger order from deepdiscount.com a little while back. Canadian prices are a ripoff :slight_smile:


I think it does make sense since Bestbuy is everywhere throughout the country. I usually boy at Costco especially new titles, save at least $5 compared to Bestbuy. New titles at Costco is $25.99 while Bestbuy $29.99. Of course Amazon will be less at $22.99. Or find at ebay a week after release. :slight_smile:


This is simply unbelievable especially with the economy doing so poorly. If anything I think this just speaks to the overall small numbers of Blu Ray in general. Either way if people are content to piss away thier hard earned money on movies they can get considerably cheaper somewhere else then that is certainly thier right. The average American is certainly not the smartest of our species, thats for damn sure. Actually now that I think about it there have been alot of buy 2 get 1 free sales at Best Buy in the last couple of months. I am betting that is why they are beating Amazon at the present moment. There is also still a considerable percenatge of the population that does not shop online yet and are 100% brick and mortar. The numbers for buying online have been steadily increasing, quite considerably, since ecommerce was started and it will most likely continue on that trend and as more and more people start using ecommerce numbers for stores like Amazon will only continue to improve. Even the people that shop online still shop in stores so obviously the brick and mortar stores still hold a significant advantage, numbers wise, over 100% internet based companies like Amazon. Again as more and more people start shopping online we should the numbers continually increase for stores like Amazon. People are still morons for buying Blu Ray at Best Buy. Why not just start a bonfire out back and start buring cash… Its basically the same thing.


If you get your electronics at Bestbuy, you should be dragged out of store and beaten over the head with whatever you bought. My shopping experience from the far past at Bestbuy:

  1. WS PC monitor goes out after 20 days; and wouldn’t you know it, there was only a 14 day return policy on monitors. After several phone calls and going to several stores, I finally was able to return it. Yes, I was offered an exchange but after looking their other choices over I thought it best to take my business elsewhere.

  2. Bought TV and 4months later the picture tube goes out. There was a warranty on the TV 3months labor and 1 year parts. Fortunately I bought the Bestbuy warranty so I got lucky that time.

I could go on and on…

The only electronic store worth a crap went out of business, ie CompUSA. It was a truly sad day for me when I heard the news. They carried stuff Circuit City and Bestbuy didn’t have.


Well I disagree about not buying electronics at Best Buy, I just wouldnt buy Blu Ray movies at Best Buy simply because they are priced 25-30% higher than Amazon’s usual price. As for buying regular electronics at Best Buy I see absolutely no reason why one would avoid doing such a thing. I for one love thier extended warranty and as amatter of fact it recently just saved my behind alot of trouble regarding my xBox360. Instead of having to send it in for repair and costing me god knows how much to get fixed I was able to walk in with my broken console and walk oout with a brand new one no questions asked. Well they did ask what was wrong with it but thats it. They even gave me 50 dollars back since the console had gone down in price 50 dolllars from when I purchased it. I simply put 30 of that money towards a new 2 year extended warranty and walked out with 20 bucks, a new 360 and a new 2 year extended warranty.

Again I see no reason whatsoever why someone would avoid Best Buy for thier electronic purchases. Thier Reward Zone coupled with the monthly 12 & 10% off coupons end up getting me deals that simply cannot be beat.

If you buy Blu Ray movies at Best Buy your still a moron.


“Thier Reward Zone coupled with the monthly 12 & 10% off coupons end up getting me deals that simply cannot be beat.”

I beat their deals all the time online. Also, you can get more bang for your buck by going online. I got a Onkyo receiver online for $500 while Circuit City/Best Buy was selling it for $800+. Got a DVD Recorder/HDD settop box for $700. Everyone else was selling for retail $1400. It pays to do your research.


Best Buy sucks for video cards. They don’t carry the newest stuff, just old crap they want top dollar for. Bah !!