Best Buy lists $350 BD player with $100 coupons

I just posted the article Best Buy lists $350 BD player with $100 coupons.

Best Buy is currently listing a Blu-ray player from Insignia that costs you $350 but comes with $100 of coupons. The Insignia brand has the reputation of being cheap with a reasonable amount of…

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I’d rather spend my money on getting a topless massage from a hairy Greek guy named Bruno. Insignia? Are they kidding me? Have they even seen the Insignia Web site? My 1 year old son could design something better than that. :r DukeNukem… spreading peace and tranquility on CDFreaks since 2004.

You know my mind Duke… :S

Best Buy isn’t known for selling “quality” electronics. I stopped wasting my money there a long time ago. Also, if you had to return that “cheap” equipment, their return policy is at best like dealing with the Gestapo. If Walmart ever expanded their electronics area, you could equate that to Bestbuy.

I’m still waiting on my $50 rebate from the HD DVD promo…

for an extra 50 bux you can get a decent bluray player with a hard drive and added bonus of being able to play video games!

It is the same BR player Walmart sells in it stores. It is made by Funai. The remote feels kinda fat in my hand! I like Tosh remote better! JohnnyJT :X South Philly