Best Buy in-store coupons valid June 6-17

Here are coupons good for 10% or 12% (Reward Zone or BB credit card) off valid June 6-17, in-store only.


Thanks , this will come in very handy.:iagree:

I bet i know what for :smiley:

I could have used it on my UPS purchase last Sunday :doh:

Busted. You couldn’t be more right Rolling56.:iagree:

:clap: It was just a guess :iagree: I used the same 12% off when i bought mine :slight_smile:

I just called BB customer service here and they told me they would match my UPS down for me :clap: That’s $12 back :bigsmile:

I’ll have to have you start dealing with BB for me. We never see eye to eye on anything. :bigsmile: Consequently I buy very little from them anymore. :disagree:

I haven’t had any problems with them here yet…

Thanks 8mh :bow:
Just in Time
P.S I earn reward money total $915 right now ( about 5 years )

Well i walked out of BB with $15.08 whistling :bigsmile: Thanks 8Miler :clap: Funny i got my email this morning with the coupons.

Thanks for the coupon 8mh

Thank you.

Wonder what is on sale for Sunday! Any hints?

Ya, I am starting to get that way with BB.

Just last Friday I went to BB with this coupon for 12% off of a new AVR. Sales woman came over and asked if I had any questions and I asked if they had any of the AVR in stock. She went away to look.

Upon returning she said they had some in stock and asked if I would like to buy one. I said yes, as long as this coupon worked. She looked at the coupon and said no, it won’t work in Magnolia Home Theatre. I then pointed to the top of the coupon where it indicates, valid at Magnolia Home Theatre. She then pointed to the fine print where the exclusions are and it indicates Magnolia Home Theatre, but then lists all the manufactuers names that are excluded. I then said, but Denon is not listed there.

We went back and forth for 10 minutes and then I said, look, I’ll buy it with 12% off only. She told me she had to talk with her manager. She came back and told me her manager said it was OK, as if a gift of some sort. I didn’t discuss it any more and just got my AVR and left.

This is the thrid time I have gone through this and I have to tell you it gets old. I wouldn’t go back at all if I didn’t have this fear of buying high priced items online, or if Circuit City was more price competitive.

Call first and get the name of the person you talked to. Saves me gasoline and my time.

Weard. I got $5 and $20 reward certificate coupon instead of this 10% or 12 % off coupon.
Maybe because I already received one two weeks ago and used it?
Or is this different in different region?