Best Buy HD-DVD sale Fletch for $10.49

Yup, Best Buy currently has Fletch and many other catalog Universal titles for $10.49+tax/shipping. Cheapest I have seen this title and the others anywhere.>1900-01-01&qp=crootcategoryid%23%23-1%23%23-1q70726f63657373696e6774696d653a3e313930302d30312d3031ccat02015%23%230%23%231du5~~nf535%7C%7C48442d445644&usc=cat02015&nrp=15&type=page&sp=%2Bcurrentprice+skuid&sc=movieSP&id=pcat17080

Thanks Jes. My order of this title is still being shown as on pre-order, so I cancelled it and am gonna do bestbuy instead.

Yeah, my DD order just shipped today and I put in my order on the 7th. I hate to say it but you might have just been a day or two away from having yours shipped. I love the prices at DD but they definitely need to do something about speeding up the works with stocking inventory and processing of orders. If you can find Fletch locally at your best buy it is actually just a hair cheaper than DD. What you do to ensure the cheap pricetag is order it online and then select the in-store pick up option thereby only paying $10.49+tax. Unfortunately the stores in my area didn’t have it in stock so it turned out to be more expensive to purchase it from BB after factoring in shipping costs.

LOL…mine shipped today too, I guess before they could get to my e-mail requesting the cancellation. Everything worked out - awesome.

EDIT: And none of my 6 closest Best Buys had it either.

Yup, so you ended up getting it for about $1 cheaper since it costs more from BB by the time you factor in shipping costs.