Best Buy: HD DVD players sold out

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After Netflix decided to no longer buy HD DVD discs, Best Buy reacted with outselling all its HD DVD players. This week Best Buy announces that they did what they promised… Sell out all its HD DVD…

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Now if they can sell a Blue-Ray player for $99, then were talking! JohnnyJT :X South Philly

When the A35 were $150, there were none available in my area (the 6 most local stores). SO how many people actually ended up getting an A35 for $99? Like 3?

There was never any indication the A35 was selling at Best Buy for $99 - it was sold out at the $149.99 price on-line. I was in a local Best Buy store yesterday, and they still had plenty of hd-dvd equipment and titles, mostly at full price. They even still had the full hd-dvd demonstration display running (and looking better than the blu-ray demo next to it). Fry’s also has some HD-A35’s at $149.99 - I grabbed one. It apparently doesn’t know it is dead - neither does my HD-A30 - nor my collection of hd-dvd movies - they all work great. I picked up a brand new Beowulf hd-dvd locally at a Hollywood Video for $10 also - be sure to let us all know how that one is and how much it costs in blu-ray - someday - maybe. It is unfortunate that the movie studios killed off hd-dvd, but nonsense articles like this won’t stop those of us who have hd-dvd from enjoying it at bargain prices for a very long time to come. Most of us aren’t rushing to blu-ray until reasonably priced standalone profile 2 players exist. :X
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Tim Stork; “This latest announcement shows that HD DVD is history.” No, it was when Toshiba announced that it conceeded to vBlu-Ray and was pulling out of the format war that HD DVD was history… “Everybody who bought one of these players didn’t do a great job, but maybe they have a collectors item in the year 2035… ;)” Brother, you are clueless… It will be no more of a collectors item than the current DVD players we are using now… For one, these units with their bottom of the barrel clearance prices, up-convert better than most up-convertors at the same price… In fact, they are actually cheaper than the OPPO brand upconvertors which are highly regarded and come really close to each other in regards to video quality… Secondly, people are snatching up HD DVD movies at record paces because of their LOW clearance prices at stores… There is still use for these players regardless of the fact that Blu-Ray won the format war… By 2035, both formats will be collector items, but the HD DVD player will sell for more because of its rarity, as in the case of many collector items…

I agree with Hypnosis. These are still great value dvd players complete with excellent up-conversion capabilities. Btw, there is a bug when posting. You have to submit twice as the capcha is never accepted first time even though i made sure it’s correct.